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Have you had Harrington Rods REMOVED? 3 spinal surgeries?

I am just wondering if anybody has had 3 spinal fusions. OR had Harrington Rods REMOVED after years and had new hardware inserted? My story-VERY briefly: Age 12- Scholiosis-I cant remember degree but looked like a complete "S"

Harrington rod question?

Hi i have a Harrington rod in my spine now for a few years,and have discovered that they have a nasty habit of breaking inside the patient(screws and wires coming lose etc)so i was wondering how could i tell if it had? as i do experience loud scraping and clicking sounds and ...

I have Rods In My Back. Can I Get An MRI?

I had a scoliosis surgery when I was younger... They put Harrington rods in. They say if you have metal in you, you can't get an MRI... But... When I ... to the Airport, I never set off the metal detector. So... does this mean the rods aren't magnetic? ... I read that they are stainless steel... Does ...

scoliosis rods can they bend over time?

... my back has been hurting more. im now 21 and 145 pounds. my mom says it looks like my rods are bent and i feel like something is wrong. can harrington rods bend over time? the rods are made out of titanium, i have one on each side and two cross bars four screws and several hocks

I can't take it anymore. my back hurts so much i feel like i'm going to cry

... chiropractors worst night mare. i had a spinal fusion .. the harrington rod.. done for scoliosis when i was 12... it was necessary... my curve was 32 ... into the chiropractor they get all nervous and say they can adjust the part not attached to the rod... which is a grand total of like 5 vertebrae. i ...

My upper right eyelid keeps twitching?

... that, I usually have this problem with restless leg syndrome. I've never gone to the doctor for either. I have Harrington Rods in my back, I've been in a lot of pain for almost 2 months. I finally sucked it up and went to the doctor last week. I have an MRI ...

Surgeon recommendation for Scoliosis in Seattle Washington ?

Need to remove Harrington Rod after 15 years of Scoliosis surgery. Any recommendation of surgeon in Seattle/Bellevue area ?

How do I know which doctor is the one to follow?

I am 51 yrs. Since the corrective surgery done for Scoliosis back in '76 I have been bounced from one doctor to another many times. I have a broken (fused), Harrington rod in my back with a spinal curve for 58 degrees now. I have arthritis in 35% of my ...

What should I do in this situation?

... have a 58 degree, spinal curvature (Scoliosis) with a broken, Harrington rod fused to my spine. I am 51 yrs old ... at 83 now. He reminded me that he original surgeon once said, "Never let anyone touch the rod in the future," but I don't remember exactly why he said that. What freaks me out is that my ...

complications of scoliosis?

I just fell and really whacked my ribs.. hurts like hell! My back also hurts a lot. I have really bad scoliosis and Harrington rods. I've taken tramol and it still hurts so badly I can breath very deeply. do you think I could have damaged my vertebra or is it just painful ribs?

what is good for back pain in my right side?

i have no insurance and i have had a harrington rod in my back since i was 13, i am now 29 . what should i do about this sharp pain on my right side, it is right on the shoulder blade on my right side of my back.

A scoliosis question!?

My spine is an S shape. It's currently a 40 and 35 degree. Is that considered serious? I am about to turn sixteen next month, and I am beginning massage therapy as well as exercises. Is it too late, and would I be considered a candidate for surgery (harrington rod placement)?

why am i diagnosed with so many disorders?

... w/RS (rapid switching), Dyslexia, and Depression. Those are just my mental challenges. When I was younger I had to have the Harrington Rods operations (two metal rods the place on both sides of your spine permanently, making you unable to bend your back), I have ...

Scoliosis question please?

... scoliosis" in my medical records and i am wondering what exactly does it mean? even though i have been like this for a long time i dont know what those words mean,can anyone explain it to me please? and yes i had Harrington rod surgery for it too,but still in agony! thanks for any answers for this.

Scoliosis question please?

... "Thoraco-Lumbar scoliosis" in my medical records so does anyone know what this means?,as i injured my spine and this sounds like some sort of condition,and yes i had major surgery and have a Harrington rod.

Compression clothes, tension rod, and all the rest

... in an apartment ). i've called several sports stores, but all say they don't make tension rods anymore. any ideas about how to find a tension rod for a doorway? 3) this is in a totally different direction. dd (2.5 SPD, ___ ?) hates clothes, but she HATES shoes ...

The Proverbs "Rod" Passages in Context.

... Quote: Proverbs 10:13 "Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning, but a rod is for the back of him who lacks judgment." Is that wisdom encoded in ... "A whip for the horse, a halter for the donkey, and a rod for the backs of fools!" If you own a horse, do you use a whip on it? ...

spare the rod, spoil the child?

... where he went wrong with raising me was that he didn't spank me enough when I was little. Ugh. The discussion didn't go much further, but he did quote "Spare the rod, spoil the child." I disagree with this but I didn't really know any good rebuttles. I'm going to be posting this in Spirtuality too ...

Rod Rules Article from World Magazine

... us a gift subscription to World Magazine (which I have not been too impressed with) and we just recieved this issue with an article about "Sparing the Rod". It is pro-spanking and warning the Christian community about Gentle Parents who are going to "spoil" a whole generation. This article sickened, ...

Article: Spanking rods

I can't believe it! Someone actually sells "spanking rods", as in "spare the rod, spoil the child". This is horrible! Here is a link to an article about one women's crusade to take the product off the market (since her crusade began, production of the product has been temporarily discontinued): ...

The End of "The Rod"???!?!?!

... Sue Lawrence, the woman leading the fight against "The Rod" has great news. She had someone try to purchase "the rod" undercover, and received the following response: ... Sen. McCain about banning the other brands of "rods" that are being sold in the US to beat children. ...

One liners? ? about Spare the rod, spoil the child?

So many people still believe in "spare the rod, spoil the child." In the lunch room at work, a conversation started up about discipline, and people were complaining about not being able to hit their children anymore because children's services would come take their kids away. These people are ...

Pink Tower/Red Rods shelved?

... , also stacked on its on stand, and also all cubes in a large basket. Rods I have seen laid horizontally on a shelf and also arranged vertically in a ... stand. How does your school arrange its pinktower/red rods? I will have to do some research to see if there is an original recommended placement.

What do you do with cuisnaire rod?

This is probably a really dumb question, but what do you do with them? I picked up some rods from a garage sale only because I heard people here talk about how much they love them. What do I do with them? Use them for fractions? Are these like unifix cubes?

?Cusinair rods generaly Miquon particularly

I am considering writing the numbers on our cusinair rods. Does any one have any reasons not to write the numbers that I might want to consider. Or like wise has any one done this who has some BTDT advice.