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Liver Lesion Found on CT Scan?

... scan. They found a lesion on his liver, unfortunately they did not say where or how big. He's going to get a MRI done now so we will know more soon. I've been trying to look into what causes liver lesions, what all it could be (cyst, tumor, etc) but only one thing keeps popping up and that's liver ...

What causes bad kidney infection and liver lesion?

... ovarian cyst ruptured and some fluid was in my abdominal area. Then went back to the hospital on Sept. 23 and found out that i had a very bad kidney infection and a liver lesion. And know my left side is swollen what should I do at this point?

Liver lesions from BCP

Lesions on liver from BCP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just wondering if anyone had/has lesions on their liver from the BCP? If so, are you doing anything about it? Pls let me know if I should be posting this elsewhere. xposted-FP

Does Liver Lesions from Alcohol Mean Cancer?

My father has cirrhosis and is going to doctor on Friday to get a lesion on his liver removed and/or this cancer?

Liver Lesions and Masses?

... which had shrunk some cuz of the chemo he did) multiple lesions all over his liver and a mass pushing out the side ... a PET scan this week to determine uptake and all that. However, what I want to know is whether these new lesions and mass are cancerous or not what would his life expectancy be?? He ...

liver echotexture may indicate fatty infiltration or chronic liver disease?

what does it mean when the diagnose is heterogeneous liver echotexture may indicate fatty infiltratio or chronic liver diseas. No discrete liver lesion seen

Is My Father's Liver Cancer As Serious As I'm Reading?

Has Cirrhosis, Hepatitis C and now, localized Liver Cancer. His symptoms began 6 months ago. ... ) about a month ago. He recently had a chemoembolization done on his 2 liver lesions and they are all but gone (just black spots on the MRI now). I keep reading online that the prognosis is always poor and ...

Digestive problem...MRI results attached?

... intensity of the liver, consistent with steatosis. No focal liver lesion is seen both before and after IV contrast administration. The 20-minute ... and T1 weighted images. The pancreas is normal in appearance. No focal pancreatic lesion is seen. There is no peripancreatic fluid collection. The spleen, ...

Any hepatologist or gastroentologist here.. Need help regarding medical reports?

... =94ml size is seen in the left lobe of liver with focal cresentic calcifications ... left lobe with washout in the largest lesion likely to represent hepatocellular carcicoma. ... fibrosis. Diagnosis: LEFT LOBE OF LIVER, LESION, US GUIDED FNA: ... Diagnosis: LEFT LOBE OF LIVER, BIOPSY Suggestive of cirrhosis ...

I dont want to live anymore! Help!!?

... a divorce, I live with my mom, my brother is 19. He lives with my dad, but doesnt like it, hes only there for his job. I never get to see him. Lately my doctors found liver lesions. I have really bad anxiety and depression. I moved from my home to somewhere ...

lesion on liver on CT, but not on U/S?

... abdomen. I had a CT last night which showed a 3.2x1.5cm lesion on my liver which the Dr was concerned was an abscess although my WBC ... ligament. So the radiologist who reviewed it again today said sometimes the liver perfuses the contrast differently and that's what it could be. But I still have a low ...

In the anterior segment of the right lobe of the liver is a indeterminate 2.4cm high density lesion why?

I had a ct scan on yesterday and the results were in the anterior segment oft eh right lobe of the liver there is an indeterminate 2.4 cm high density lesion could this mean cancer

What is the cause of lesions in the liver and adrenal gland?

... com/question/index;_ylt=AhS1Tmj0svVqHKVl488eLMbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110913134757AABGtor Since posting the question, I received the results of the ct scan and they say I have a lesion in my liver and adrenal gland. I have two MRAs scheduled ( ...

9.4 CM Hypodense Lesion found on my liver?

Found a 9.4 CM hypo-dense Lesion on my Liver and a 3 CM lesion on my Spleen. Had a CT in February and they were not there. That is a lot of growth in 8 months? I have extreme pain... I am very concerned, thinking only the worst... Does this mean the worst?

If your liver is functioning normal and normal cbc and you have multiple lesions in liver does that meancancer?

Ok my dad has stage 4 colon cancer. He did a ct scan showed multiple lesions in liver. He recently did cbc and its completly ... ? They never told us how many he had. But his cbc is still normal after 3 rounds of chemo and his liver is normal. Can someone explain is this a good sign?

Will any lesion in the liver cause pain in the back? or stiffness?

A friend of mine has backache since last two years.he has pain or stiffness on the right back above the pelvic region or near the mid rib? Is t due to lesion/ fatty infiltration of the liver.

Why a 65 year old person complains of pain in the lowerback. Is it due to the lesion in the liver?

Does liver cyst or any lesion cause pain in the pelvic region or at the lumbar region? Is space occupying lesion causing the pain?

Pancrea & liver disorder?

... 9.7gms%, ESR 115mm SGOT 49 u/l, SGPT 63 u/l, Sonography report Liver enlarged in size & echo texture. Well defined hypochoic lesion 2.2x2.3cm in left lobe with minimal vascularity. Pancreas is bulky with well defined hypochoic lesion 2.7x2.6cms in the body of pancreas minimal ...

what is cirrhosis with no focal lesion?

if you have cirrhosis of the liver(scarring) how is it that a ultrasound can not find any focal lesions.

what is liver cirhosis?

gross ascites with all the abdominal organs seen floating within it the liver is small in size 10.9cm & shows ... spleen mildly enlarged 13.8cm but no mass lesion both kideys are normal in postion rk10.1x3.7cm ... .9cm urinary bladder is underfilled but normal no abdominal mass suggetive of liver cirhosis

Liver Cancer Prognosis - My Dad?

My dad had Cirrhosis, but it has recently been discovered that he has liver cancer, just had chemo to treat two 2cm lesions/tumors on his liver...when he explains it to me, he is very optimistic and ... . He told me he has Stage 1, primary, localized liver cancer, but my internet searches are ...

Liver Cancer.My Father.Prognosis?

... by years and years of hard drinking. He recently found out about 2 lesions/tumors on his liver which means he has cancer. He always stays positive and doesn't ... is at. He told me has a Stage 1, Localized, Primary Liver Cancer...I just don't really know what to think..should I trust his words about how ...

How Long Will My Father Live? - Liver Cancer?

His cirrhosis from alcoholism turned into liver cancer and he was diagnosed about 2 months ago with liver cancer (primary, localized) with 2 lesions on his liver (malignant). He stopped drinking 4 months ago completely. He was in the hospital for 4 days last ...

Prognosis For Primary Liver Cancer?

... months ago from alcoholism, recently turned into liver cancer about 2 months ago, also hepatitis b or c, had 2 lesions on liver treated with chemo, cancer ... throwing up blood, he's become very forgetfull and confused, lesions seemed to be eliminated, hopes to get on transplant list within ...

Liver Cancer Questions - Ever Experience This?

... with Cirrhosis from alcoholism 5 months ago, then that turned to liver cancer about 2 months ago, he is jaundiced, ... 3 weeks ago he had TACE, chemoembolization done on his liver...he had 2 malignant lesions/tumors that were less than 5cm a piece... I'm just worried...I don't want to lose my dad..i ...