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Help! Looking for a BeginAir or WingDragon fuselage

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a spare fuselage (just the outer plastic shell is OK) for a Parkflyer's WingDragon or a BeginAir. Give me a price and I'll also pay for shipping. I'd rather recycle someone else's than buy a new one for $14.90 at Hobby Lobby. I'm in the Atlanta, GA ...

fuselage search

... getting caught doing stupid stuff without enough altitude and running into this huge solid object (the earth), a couple of us need a replacement fuselage. After several inquiries to Nitroplanes and getting a different answer each time. It was clear, that they didn't know what they were talking ...

Battery packs for Mega 16/15/3 for long flights and small fuselages?

... 400!! I use a 8x500AR in my SkaT, and used that with my Mega. thats what I use all the time but the mega gets shorter flights. What kind of cells should I use for longer flights that will give out the same power and fit in the skat fuselage. There isn't much room in there?? I heard about 1100nimh's.

Fishin' Pole Fuselage?

... , and the sections are painted in a shiny black. It's stiff and springy, and the whole thing weighs about 4 ounces. I think this stuff would be good for fuselage booms. The hollow interior would be fine for leading pull-pull control lines (through the small section) or pushrods and antenna through ...

Question How do you cover a balsa sheeted fuselage with compound curves with fiberglass?

Durn. I remember either an article or a build thread on RC Groups about fiberglassing a balsa sheeted fuselage with compound curves. But I can't find it anywhere. Any of you guys remember seeing it. I've worn out the search function looking:confused:

profile vs full fuselage?

Profile fuselage planes seem to be all the rage these days - heck, I've even done a couple myself. They're quick to build, and look ... Jim Zare's EDF delta in the newest RCM, and it looks good. So would it make much difference in a model this size whether or not the equipment is enclosed in a fuselage?

I've got an Idea for a strong up!

... is really a great way to make a lightweight fuselage, but it sure seems good. Somebody should try this, it sounds very effective and thought ... of a fuselage that fits inside the other with a 1/4" gap between the two, all around. It's like a fuselage floating inside the other. Use a technique like the ...

Looking for ideas on venting fuselage heat

Ok, anybody have any really neat methods of venting fuselage heat that won't screw with the looks of a plane too much? I need to cool down my Shoestring and I'd rather not cut out sections of monokote to leave big holes in the plane. Has anyone ever used a shear/breathable fabric (like Kevlar® ...

Repairing Graupner "Perfekt" plastic fuselage

... to reattach a 3" nose section that had been cut off of a Race Rat fuselage just behind the vent holes for an IC conversion (not mine) and bring it ... . Does anyone have any ideas? I just posted this under Sailplanes also since Graupner mostly used Perfekt fuselages in their gliders. Thanks, John

Wing area and fuselage questions

... before. Why does the wing area of a model include the part that is attached to the fuselage? Does this part of the wing contribute to lift? Are the wing loadings that ... up a parasol wing model. Will this have an apparent wing loading less than a model with the same wing mounted against the fuselage?

How do I stop the prop parallel to the fuselage sides?

Me Again !! Thanks for all your help so far. Real newbie ???? here. How do I stop the folding prop so that it is parallel to the fuselage sides, like I see in all the photos of electric sailplanes. My thought is that when the motor (AXI 2820/10) is stopped after the first start up, simply loosen ...

Reproduce damaged fuselage?

... to glue the whole thing back together, and am now looking at the possability of reproducing the fuselage from foam or something equally strong, and ... , profiled and stuck together, but would question the strength when used as a fuselage (I Might Be Wrong, I Normally Am!!) and could cut the original fus ...

How do you keep a motor that's inside a fuselage cool?

... . Ideally I'd like to have the motor inside the fuselage to keep the whole frame looking smooth, but I'm not sure how I should go about cooling ... (but not too many as I don't want to weaken the structure), but I'll obviously need some scoops on the outside of the fuselage to blow air over the motor ...

DaVinci 1.5 Fuselage Kit build Log!

... field saw what I was flying and wanted one. After explaining that I had only developed the fuselage, they thought that was even better than the whole kit as they had some old wings that ... accurate alignment and glue joint between the top and bottom fuselage halves without any sanding or fitting!), ...

Lost foam fuselage. What cloth?

Hi, I am in the middle of constructing a lost foam fuselage. The two cloth weights that I can get my hands on are 1.5 OZ and 0.5 OZ. ... be more appropriate for a fuselage about 600mm long? Also, should I layer it? This is my first lost foam fuselage, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Bevan

Fuselage lift?

Hi!, didnt know where to post the question but I posted here anyway. I am wonder how much does the underside of the fuselage lift in precent the whole airplane.. or does it ? I know some ... it better to have a high or low winged airplane to take any advantage of lift from flat bottom fuselage? Kalle

Microjet type fuselage C/G

... to maiden a projeti-type pusher, with a microjet type fuselage. I put a forward extended fuselage on it to ... lipo batts. My microjet seems to have the C/G ahead of most flying wings. More like 10-15% instead of 15-20%. But the microjet's fuselage is not round on the bottom, its more flat. And so is ...

Best way to glue fuselage halves?

Hi there, I'm working on a GWS E-Starter, and I'm getting ready to put the fuselage halves together. I'm planning on using foam-safe CA glue for it. So, what's the best way? Do I put the halves together, put some tape on them and then run CA over the seam, followed by kicker? Or do I just run a ...

Techniques for glassing a fuselage?

... and reread his instructions on how to use fiberglass. Instructions on glassing the wings are clear, but how about the fuselage. Should I assemble the stabilizer on to the fuselage prior to glassing? Should I start to glass the fuselage from the top and work down to the underside of the fuselage ...

Need advice/Twisted Fuselage

... then 'force' something. The vertical stab is made as a 90 degree piece that fits the centerline (viewed from above) of the fusealge and carries into the centerline of the fuselage (viewed from the rear). I'm hoping this is clear enough for an informed opinion. I'm sure open for suggestions... Dan

Base load antennae and fiberglass fuselage question

Well, the question is in the title.... Is it possible to use a base loaded antennae inside a fiberglass (not carbon) fuselage? does it significantly affect the range of reception compared to the antennae being placed outside or compared to a regular wire antennae? Thanks Yariv

I need 3/8" square aluminum tubing to make a replacement Slow Stick fuselage

... it's living in two worlds. I have not actually mic'd the dimension, but from my tape measure' it appears to be 3/8" anyway. So I am thinking, I must not be the first to have ever looked for a new fuselage. Can anyone out there share any light and knowledge on where to get that stuff? KJ7YM Larry

Urgent question about a Carbon Fiber rod through Fuselage

... planned on putting a Carbon Fiber rod through the length of the fuselage. I wanted to put one rod on each side before I glued it together. I've dug out sufficient foam so that it will lay flat with the outside of the fuselage. The problem I'm having is the tail end of the fuselage, ...

Where can I get a cheap fuselage?

... wing, hi wing type from a wattage odyssey in good shape, the fuselage bit the dust on the first flight. It's probably around 28" long. I tried a cheapie foamie vs. of a 3.00 glider, it didn't work very well. Does anyone sell just balsa fuselages? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

fuselage classification

I am a beginner in this electric aircraft thing. Just want to ask you all.. How are the fuselages being classified? How many type of fuselages available in the market? If I've got into a wrong discussion board, tell me so.