Dell Studio 1737 Sound Card

I am hoping someone can educate me on something.
I have a Dell Studio 1737 Laptop and when I bought it the sound card was listed as "Sound Card=Soundblaster X-Fi Hi Def Audio - Software Enabled".
The sound on this laptop has always sounded pretty crappy to me and I've had to turn it on max to be able to hear it well.
So fast forward a bit and I've installed Windows 7 and the audio still sounds crappy so I am trying to do something about it now. I've looked in the Device manager and did a Belarc scan and no where does it say anything about a sound card nor do I see anything called Soundblaster.
I looked up my system on Dell site and the System summary doesn't list any Soundblaster either (see below)

1 V6GCN Processor,P7350,2.0,3MB,Core Penryn,2C,R0
0 01323 INFO,NO ITEM
1 YP368 Adapter,Alternating Current 90W,Liteon,3P,World Wide,M09
1 FX429 CORD,Power,125V,2.5A,1M,C5 E,United States
1 U589F Assembly,Cable,Interface,22P HDD1,PACINO
1 M080R KIT,Software,Powerdvd,8.2 Consumer,True Theatre High Definition
1 KM974 Battery,Primary,85WHR,9C Lithium,SIMPLO
1 G080D Connector,Serial Ata,13P,R,G Interposer,Optical Device Drive
8 2864D Screw,M3X3,KSH,MS,BLO
1 P638P KIT,Software,Creative,Camera Consumer,1.2
1 P005H Kit,Software,Roxio,10.2-0,DellEdition
1 NU482 Assembly,Cable,Light Emitting Diode,Liquid Crystal Display With,Camera,PACIN
1 N172H KIT,Software,VHP64SP1,Digital Video Disk Drive,Multiple,5
1 J188F Assembly,Dvd+/-rw,8X,Serial Ata,Pacino/hepburn,Hitachi Lg Data Storage
1 CY256 Card,Network,Half Mini-Card 5100
2 TX760 Dual In-Line Memory Module 2GB,800,256X64,8K,200
1 TX613 Assembly,Camera,2M,D-MCPHN M09
1 PW293 Liquid Crystal Display 17WXGA+,Light Emitting Diode True Life,Samsung
1 F484C Keyboard,101,United States English,ILNB
1 U731F Assembly,Palmrest,Plastic Silver,With Out Front Projection Display
1 M766F Assembly,Bracket,Support Liquid Crystal Display,PACINO
1 D111N Hard Drive,500GB,Free Fall Sensor,7.2K,2.5,SGT-HOLL
1 3RVVP Kit,Software,W9HS-TRL,Drop In Box,England/English,Dell Americas Organization
1 X048C Assembly,Carrier,Hard Drive Chassis 2001,PACINO
1 NU486 Bezel,W/ CMRA,PACINO
1 NU385 Assembly,Cover,Hinge,Plastic PACINO
1 R505D Heatsink,Central Processor Unit,Unified Memory Architecture,Notebook,1735
1 J411J Assembly,Cover,Notebook,Paint Black,Black,1737
1 YP938 Cover,Keyboard,Plastic,PACINO

So is it possible that I just have an on board sound card and the soundblaster is just software that I need to install? I looked on the creative website and couldn't find "Soundblaster X-Fi Hi Def Audio" exactly. I was hoping I could find it and they would have some type of Windows 7 software I could download.
Does anyone know why it has always sounded crappy?
As you can probably tell, I am not a computer expert so be kind.
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