Acer inverter board

Hy all
I'm new in this form but been reading for quite a while and decide to register cause I'm completely confuse about my Acer Laptop

I started to ave problem with the screen about one month ago.
At first the screen was lightly flickering once in a while and it became more and more frequent. Then it started to get black, more and more black. Within 2 days it became completeley black Now it is impossible to see anything even using a flashlight it seem completely dead.
I was told by a tech that the inverter board is dead.
I took the computer apart using help I found on the net and the Inverter board is finally in my hand
I'm trying to purchase a replacement but it is confusing.
The actual number on the board is PK070007U00-A00-6AH-02995
But when I go shopping on the net I only find reference for PK070007U00-A00
My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5630-6298
What represent the rest of the numbers 6AH-02995
What I worry about is the compatibility.
Hope someone can help.
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