E34 5.0 swap possibility?

I currently have a 1991 525i. I bought the e36v8 conversion manual from Matt and love the idea of the swap. Even though I have a e36 328is I would much rather do the swap in the e34 since it is so slow and the engine has a few issues it would also pass emissions since it is 91 vs 97. From research the only two items I see that would be different than the e36 are:

-Rear sump of 5.0 would not clear
-Steering box vs rack on e36 not clearing

For the sump it looks the the e30v8 swap requires a front sump conversion which I though would work for the e34 also since they share the same rear sump pan for the m50 swap. I know the transmission crossmember would work since some of the e34 manual swaps have used the e36 crossmember.

To clear the steering box the only thing that comes to mind is a custom drivers side header to keep things simple. Similar to what one geezers garage did to fit the ls1 in his e28 which is a very similar bay. Let me know if anyone has any better ideas to make this work.

I thought I would start this thread to discuss the issues and ways to make this work for the e34. I also wanted to see if there is anything I am forgetting that would make the e34 swap different from the e36?


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