Faulty product but no receipt!!!! what can i do???

I would really appreciate some advice on how to go about replacing a faulty Aerobed bed without a receipt.

I bought an Aerobed about 5/6 months ago for staying over at my workplace as i work quite a way away from home. I bought an aerobed as I wanted to buy a quality product for the task. It cost me £48.50 from an argos store and i paid in cash. I no longer have any of the packaging other than the instruction leaflet. It says the bed is garunteed for 1 year but that i can't get it replace without having a receipt.

Now i'm wondering if this is completely correct but have no idea how to tackle them on the issue. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on how best to deal with this before i make contact with the company.

Many thanks

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