30A Mystery BL ESC Programming

Does anyone know if the above mentioned ESC is programmable with the following card? http://www.unitedhobbies.com/UNITEDH...idProduct=2169
I am also looking at the Emax 30A esc, does anyone have any experience with either esc?
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Mystery FM80A ESC programing

... of tests, I now know how to program the Mystery FM80A ESC without programming card ... is at high position. Connect the main power pack and switch on BEC ... Default Settings, good if we don´t know how is the program settings. Brake: Off Battery ... : 3 Li-Poly Under Voltage: Reduce Power Soft Start: Enable ...


Hi, Any one has programming instruction for this MYSTERY FM80A ESC, I've bought it from eBay pricing was excellent and the unit looks very good and solid, however it did not come with any instruction..... Any help is very much appreciated.

CopterX Mystery 70A ESC Programming?

... ESC they bundle with it. It's working great, however I noticed that it is programmed for a hard start, and as a heli I need soft. I pinged ... included the graphic I'm attaching. However, it won't go into programming mode (power up in full throttle), so I'm thinking I have another generic ESC. Any ...

Eflight ESC Programming

... making any remote gain adjustments. Upon my next power-up, the main brushless motor just starts ... there was something amiss with the ESC programming. I downloaded the ESC programming instructions ... .dll...0000&rd=1&rd=1. I was using a Sonix ESC, but that began showing the same symptoms - so I replaced ...

Discussion mystery 80a esc

I purchased this Mystery 80a esc on ebay for my 450 heli. (yes I know its an overkill) I am also using a UBEC with it, since it does not have one built in. I am new at this, but I would like to program this esc for a soft start. I'm not sure how to go about it. ...

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... controllers with the two program cards I have listed below: Turnigy AE-30A Speed ... , but can't seem to get past the connecting stage. Using the Program Card: it lights up red ... led saying connecting but nother ever happens. When I use the Programming Box: it Turns on, gives the version ...

How exactly is an ESC programmed? What's the "...---" esc language?

... /Normal..._and_above.pdf) but I still don't really understand how an ESC is programmed. Could somebody help me out? Since an ESC normally receives a servo signal that ... 2ms signal, or what?? Also, many servo guides refer to the ESC's making sounds, but from what I can tell, all the sounds are coming ...

Dynam ESC programming

... the manual is very confusing and as well WRONG. I made a video for programming it. The video is for a Dynam Helicopter but the ... same ESC on another 450 helicopter. I had purchased the ESC from dealextreme. Dynam 40A ESC ... it TOGGLES the setting Here's the vid: Dynam ESC programming for E-Razor 450 (9 ...

Is an E-flgiht ESC programable

I bought an E-flight 40-amp Brushless ESC from a friend a while back and want to use it in my T-Rex helicopter. Is this ESC programable? Can I run it safely on my heli ... throttle untill the head speed is up? My 25 amp Align ESC ramps up very slowly in heli mode and quickly ...

ESC programing card

Hi. I have several ESC programming cards and I would like to ask if I can -by trial and error- setup an ESC that is not for the cards I have. Can I burn the ESC using a wrong card? Could I take any precautions? Thanks for helping.

NEw Dualsky ESC Programming Card! Sweet!

Just released is the New Dualsky ESC programming card! This little card is similar in size ... teh Jeti, but with out pins! You simply plug in your ESC and and battery and LEDS illuminate on the ... out www.2dogrc.com , the Official Dualsky Distributer for more details and a video of how to program! 2dogrc

Discussion E-Flite ESC program card??

Trying to find a source for the ESC program card for my 40 amp ESC with the switching. Saw it once but can no longer locate it. Thanks, Rich

Discussion HET 65a Esc programming

where can I find the HET 65a esc programming instructions. Im trying to change the throttle response setting. thx jt

Question Hobbyking SS Series 15-18A ESC programing-please help

how to programming this esc! :o Hobbyking SS Series 15-18A ESC programing -What i must do? -please somebody make video "how to programing" ( send link here ) link: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...idProduct=6456 thanks ...

The get up and go done got up and went, but where?

Why would you loose power if you went to a larger sized esc? All things being the same otherwise. I swapped a eflite 20amp sensorless bushless (to small for the motor) for a Suppo SP-40A and it doesn't seem to have the same power. I went through the esc programming sequences for both esc ...

Mystery 40A ESC STRESS Test

... 47". The motor I've settled on for the Extra is a more powerful Turnigy SK 35-42 1000kV. After doing some static ... to air. I temporarily mounted my Mystery ESC on the side of the motor box. ... to write this. I am not responsible for damage to your ESC under any circumstance. Tests are for information ...

Discussion TowerPro Mag8 12A ESC Programming

... for the ESC, and those specify to move the throttle to half power once you hear the musical notes, which I did. Not sure if this is what caused my issue, and if ... find on HobbyKing a manual section for the TowerPro ESC programming if anyone is interested: http://www.towerpro.cn/english/Manual/ ...

Discussion New build: 'simple' variable pitch quad

... 3100kv or 3900kv motors - 4 x 30A Mystery Pentium ESCs - 3S LiPo - ... controller. As you can see, I'm trying to do as much as possible. I love hardware but I'm really trying to push myself in to the programming side so I'm going to try to write the majority myself. This might be regretted... ...

Help! - ESC programing card

Hi. I have several ESC programming cards and I would like to ask if I can -by trial and error- setup an ESC (Simply 25 A) that is not for the cards I have. Can I burn the ESC using a wrong card? Could I take any precautions? Thanks for helping.

CopterX CX 450SE V2 ESC Programming

I bought the CopterX 430XL motor / 50 amp ESC combo (P/N CX450-10-06) when I bought the 450SE V2 kit. Was wondering if someone could verify that the following ESC programming that I have entered is correct for this heli/motor/ESC combo. Step 1. 1-6 Cell Type (3S LiPo ...

E-Sky ESC programable?

I have an e-sky ek2-0600a esc that appears to be in 3D mode or something. It runs the throttle about 80% at center stick and 100% at either end. Is this esc programable or just bad? And if it is programable, how do I default it back to normal? Thanks for looking.

ESC programming/Motrolfly vs Castle

... testing the motrolfly product line for esc programming works, I'll sell every ... an issue with a computer not connecting with the link to a specific ESC, it is usually better to call me directly while in front of your computer. >>We will do whatever it takes to get your system working. Just email or ...

Discussion Help, need ESC programming instructions

I cant find the post with the Polk Hobbies 0100 esc programming instructions. I need a link please.

Discussion Reversed Engineered a ESC Programming Card

... Engineered (1 min 17 sec) I replicated the functionality of a Turnigy ESC programming card. These ... // LED off                 printf("Test Completern");                 // now the ESC must be unpowered         // then reset the system         // to confirm settings   ...