How long does it take for pain killers to leave your breast milk?

The dentist wants to yank my wisdom teeth so they don't grow in and cause a problem. I would be given a local anesthesia to have the teeth pulled, and then put on codeine for the pain afterward. But I'm EBF my 8 week old, and I really don't want him to get all those drugs so young. I know codeine is considered safe, but what about the anesthesia? How long will it take for that to get out of my system? And if I take the codeine, is there a way I can time it so I could still breast feed without my baby getting any of it? How many hours after taking codeine does it get into the breast milk, and for how long does it stay in? The teeth aren't a necessity, so I'm thinking I can wait for awhile to have it done. But I'm wondering how difficult it would be to keep the drugs out of his system if I do have it done soon. TIA
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