LG LCD discrete IR codes

I've tried these with my Comcast remote and they work fairly well.

LG 19LH20 22LH20 26LH20 32LH20 37LH20 42LH20
32LH30 37LH30 42LH30 47LH30
32LF11 37LF11 42LF11 47LF11
19LU55 22LU55 26LU55

Discrete codes for (11265,11993)

4 External Storage
6 SimpLink
9 Quick Menu
12 Factory mode
13 Exit
14 Power setting
15 Reset
34 Component (Input)
44 HDMI 2 (Input)
46 HDMI 1 (Input)
141 TV (Input)
149 Picture Mode
164 Enter
176 Power Off
182 Right
183 Volume down
186 Left
275 Password
313 Mute
315 Input Select
231 AV1 (Input)
337 HDMI 3 (Input)
351 Info
354 Zoom
365 AV2 (Input)
368 PC (Input)
390 4:3
394 16:9
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