Spektrum DX6i Transmitter problems

So my two month old DX6i transmitter has started exhibiting this really annoying problem. One or more of the channels will sometimes be completely dead. After spending a bunch of time debugging, I found out that the connectors that link the potentiometers in the transmitter to the PCB have some intermittent connections. Jiggling the connectors will return the channels back to a functional state for a while. I haven't had the problem happen while I'm in the air, but I'm not going to take any more chances flying anymore. Has anyone seen something similar?

I called the manufacturer, Horizon Hobby, and they asked me to send it in. It will be three weeks without a radio...Ouch! The rep I talked to hadn't heard of this particular issue but did mention that they get a PALLET arriving EVERY DAY of defective equipment. I'm beginning to wonder if I should abandon this brand so would welcome the perspective of some more experienced hobbyists. I've enjoyed the features so far would rather invest in equipment that is "bullet-proof". Thanks in advance.

I'm tempted to remove the internal connectors and solder the wires direct, but since I assume this voids the warranty, I'd be really stuck if something else stops working. If someone has a loaner transmitter, I could see sending this in, otherwise, what a pain...
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