Mitac 8227D 17" 8600GS barebone laptop ?

Mitac 8227D 17" 8600GS barebone laptop

Display 17.1W TFT WXGA , Resolution 1440x900

Video Controller nVidia, Geforce 8600M GS, GDDR2 256MB

Anybody own a current Mitac barebone laptop as the above unit is only £340 here in the UK and i wondered what the screen and build quality is like on the new units.

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Mitac 8227D 17" 8600GS barebone laptop ?

Mitac 8227D 17" 8600GS barebone laptop Display ... 8600M GS, GDDR2 256MB Anybody own a current Mitac barebone laptop as the above unit is only £340 here ... quality is like on the new units. ...

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... I have a Mitac 8227D laptop and it has just started making a fizzing sound and ... the smell and sound of burning. I have tried a new AC adaptor and it does exactly the same thing, so I know thats fine, so its clearly something in the laptop itself. Anyone know which part to change? Thanks! Baggers

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Newegg has them for about $500.00, give or take some. Descriptions are somewhat vague, the title says "Centrino", when I check out mfg website it just says Pentium M. How expensive are these CPU's and what is the good place to get them? Are there any other barebone laptops out there?

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So going against the advise of buying a barebones laptop...I bought one off ebay. I got the MSI MS-1722 ID2 off of Ebay for $420. I'm trying ... dont need much storage) 5400. So for a total of, hopefully, $826, I got a 17"(WSXGA+) laptop with a dedicated graphics card.

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... to check over the spec I have proposed for my new laptop. I will be mainly using the laptop for internet browsing, ... plan on speccing out a barebones laptop... Barebone Mitac Laptop 8252DS 15.4" ... Vista Ultimate for 64bit so will be running that. Also will the barebones be compatible with Intel turbo ...

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hey there, im in the market for a new barebones laptop. i have some very specific requirements that it must meet. if someone can ... there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? dont matter to me when it comes to laptops 5) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this ...

2010 Barebone Laptops

... important to you? Somewhat, I could live with a ugly laptop as long as it runs very well. 15) When are you buying this ... . I'm okay at computers. I know all the parts and their relative importance on a computer so I'm pretty sure I can assemble a barebone laptop with ease. I just need the perfect ...

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... all of the upgrades suck and cost a lot. i really want a 14" laptop, but want to be more specific than shops let me. i want to buy a laptop ... get a nice one cheaper. same for ram and maybe even no CPU (to get a turion mt!) is this possible? anyone know where i can get a cheap barebone laptop ? thanks

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Hi i am going to purchase a barebone laptop. Do any come with these specs - 17 inch, amd processor, nvidia dedicated graphic card with at least 512 mb ram, ddr2 or ddr3 memory capable to at least 8gb yeah thanks in advance.

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... ^^, are a minority so perhaps the prices and the difficulties with only small changes to a barebone laptop (we buy the 'box', the mobo, ... well as the screen etc. without the choice of altering) speaks for less barebone laptops in the future. I sure hope that we will see more, since imho it's the way ...

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Barebone Laptops!

Kind of new to this thread so not sure where to post but ummm. My problem is i need to buy a barebone laptop! I have found two buyers to choose from now One will sell it for $450 msi 1651 display 1680x1050 9600mgt ddr3 The other is msi1651 $400 display ...

Compal 4091 Series FL91 Barebone Laptop Motherboard

I have a Compal FL91 Barebone Laptop and I was wondering where I can find a replacement motherboard for this model because my motherboard just died. What other brands of barebone laptops do you guys recommend and where can I find extra motherboards for those brands?

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MSI 1722 Gaming Barebone Laptop GX720 First of all i have several questions what is the fastest processor i can put in it? is the graphics card upgradable and if it is what card do you recommend me upgrading to? I would like to run fallout 3, world of warcraft, the witcher ...

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... monitor very well nor power the computer. To me it seems logical since more and more people are moving laptop only that manufacture like Apple should started offering ... business computers. It would be really nice if apple started putting that on their laptops. Or at least on the pro models. Hell I ...

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Hi guys, I got a 260m lying around because i upgraded my laptop to 5870m a while ago, and i kept 260m around in case ... really old desktop, and she's always complaining how much better it looks on my lappy :-P So i was thinking of getting cheapest barebone laptop where i can install 260m in it, ...

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