Not enough resources Code 12

Hi there. Thank you for reviewing this post and considering offering your experience and expertise.

In Vista HP, I go to Device Manager .. I see the dreaded yellow exclamation point on my video unit .. (on board video Intel(r) g33/g31 Express Chipset Family) and in properties I find it saying this:

"This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, disable other devices on your system."

OK ... first off this is a brand new machine. As a side note, I am also getting errors when trying to use the DVD player (with valid software) with messages that say I need to update my video driver.

Also, the screen saver has an error that tells me that I need to turn on video acceleration or update driver. I checked and the video is accelerated.

I also now have a 1.0 User Rating (with 1G RAM dual core Intel processor) ... and it used to be around 3.

Clearly something has misfired here. I went to Dell's website with my service tag and downloaded the exact driver for this video, but it says it did not install due to the above mentioned error Code 12. (although the right driver is listed in the properties section)

So what do I need to do other than just disable other devices? And if disabling other devices is the only answer, how do I go about that????? And why should I have to?

Please help me solve this issue. I apreciate anything you have to offer.

My kindest regards,

Don in Tucson
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