WDFLDR.SYS is corrupted or missing


I am Jason and i recently encountered a problem on my vista home premium machine (I'm running home premium, 2 gb ram, pentium 4, and 6800gt video card/audigy 2 zs sound card) in which i get an error message at boot with these details:

Error code: 0xc0000221


Windows has failed to start because a required system file is corrupted, or missing.

No new hardware changes were made, no software installed, just randomly, it happened. I did use Auslogics Registry defrag/cleaner and CCleaner shortly before this happened, but i don't think that would cause a problem. I have googled it but other threads about it were not useful. I guess that the problem is not widespread enough for many people to have gotten it and reported it.

- I can't get into Vista in normal or safe mode with any of the options in the boot menu.
- I CAN access my files on the vista hard drive through another operating system (XP) on my computer.
- I tried replacing the file from another vista machine, but it says i do not have permission to edit the file.
- I can't use System Restore from the vista cd because it says i have no restore points.
- I tried using the Repair Computer feature in the vista cd but that has failed every time.
- I can't run SFC/ scannow from the cd because it says "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the request operation."

Thank you so much!!
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