TH-50PZ85U Blinking Power Light

After doing some research i've found some good info on the Panny Plasma blinking light syndrome, but just wanted to see if the same info applied to the 85U.

I bought a TH-50PZ85U on August 2nd and just recently I've gotten the "blinking light of death" twice. Both times I was getting 10 blinks. The first time (Thursday night), I pulled the plug and the TV powered right back up. The second time (just now) I had to unplug the HDMI cable, then the power cable. After plugging the TV back in with HDMI disconnected, it fired right up and everything is working fine right now. I called the concierge service and they wouldn't send anybody out unless the TV was not working when they showed up. So I need to call back when it happens again. This also did not happen until I started using HDMI cables this past Monday. All of my other viewing was with component cables.

I found this thread which outlines the blinking lights for the PZ700U, but do these codes apply to the 85U also? Also, could somebody explain in english what the 10 blinks means? Thanks.

Since I can't post URL's here is a cut and paste of the thread:

============================================================ ===========
============================================================ ===========

1 blink STV 5v sense DG Board

2 blinks 15v SOS D Board

3 blinks 3.3v SOS D Board

4 blinks Power SOS P Board

5 blinks 5v SOS D Board

6 blinks Driver SOS 1 SU / SD / SC Boards
(SC energy recovery circuit)

7 blinks Driver SOS 2 SU / SD / SS Boards
(SC floating voltage area)

8 blinks Driver SOS 3 SS Board
(SS energy recovery circuit)

9 blinks Panel Config. SOS

10 blinks Sub 5v SOS / Main 3v SOS DG Board
DTV 9v SOS / Tuner Power SOS

11 blinks Fan SOS PB Board

12 blinks Sound SOS H Board

13 blinks Communication error DG Board
with IC8001 (Pesks Lite 2)
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