Krick 1/4 sacle Grunau Baby


This going to be the start of a Grunau Baby build, it won't be quick, just slow and methodical. I have built a few of the multiplex line of models(well assembled, as there's not much to build) and this is going to be my first proper build, so be prepared for the odd silly question from time to time.

The kit is die cut so need's a little fettling to remove the parts and this is what i am doing at the moment. All good practise as i won't to get a few proper kit builds under my belt before i have a go at a scratch build. I have a few tools on order and a work bench so will not begin construction for a another week or two, but will post as and when

The model details:
Wingspan: 3392mm/132 ''
Length: 1522mm/60"

I will be fitting spoilers and a tow release so will take it up to a 7 channel.

Just love the look of vintage gliders...soooo much character!

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