Toshiba DR420 vs. DR430

Ok, so I'm looking to buy an inexpensive, but reliable DVD recorder... don't need a built-in tuner. I went down to the best buy, and they have a Toshiba DR430 for $125, but I thought it might be a little higher priced there than elsewhere. I checked around, including the AVSForums... and it seems there is another model DR420, which is a bit cheaper.

I'm having some problems trying to find a feature comparison between the two, and the Toshiba site doesn't seem to have any information on the DR430.

So, what's the skinny? Which model is newer, and/or has a better feature-set? Why doesn't Toshiba list the DR430?

At this point, I'm inclined to get the DR420 from an online source (roughly $104.99 in several online stores), but I just wanted to know if it is being superseded by the DR430 (or vice versa).

Anyone? Bueller?

Thanks, Tungting
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