cant open email attachment

When trying to open attachment, I get this message - File does not have a program associted with it for performing this act. Create an association in the folder options control panel. How do I do this? Windows XP - outlook express. Thanks
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... solve this problem with Internet Explorer email attachment not opening in Yahoo! mail. A friend ... attachment" dialog box, and it never completes. This may or may not be related, but Web sites like sometimes even generate the message "Internet Explorer unable to connect to Web site."

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... has an intermittent problem. Word and Excel email attachments will intermittently not open, Word and Excel will ... shows the file intact. Sometimes, the files will open, but it takes up to five minutes for them to open. I have made sure these documents are associated with the proper program and I ...

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When I try to open internet email attachments, in yahoo and hotmail, often times I get the message "internet explorer was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later" - but later never seems to make a ...

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... this forum gave me the registry edit command I needed to make Outlook Express automatically open email attachments that, for reasons that are a mystery to me, the attachments come in with a ".email" rather than a ".eml" extension. I stored the Run command in a ...

Solved: Opening an email attachment with no program associated to perform it

... late to learn! I have seen this window appear hundreds of times over the years when trying to open an attachment! The window heading is: C:documents ... I have no idea how to do this task, and just end up deleting the entire email! Can someone explain to me how do do this? Thanks, mano marin

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I have Vista, Explorer 7 and use Yahoo email. When I attempt to open an attachment the extension changes to: COM/YM/SHOWLETTER File and the attachment will no open. Anyone familiar with this problem?

All email attachments opening in notepad

Hi, I don't know what happened but all of my email attachments are opening in notepad, even the ones I had previously, which did not, is there any way to reset my outlook express back to the way it originally was opening my attachments. I'm running with windows 98. Thanks Warren Peace!

Problems opening email attachments

Hi, When we open email attachments straight from the email, it says "the file could not be found". However, when we save the file to the desktop and open it from there it works. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks a lot, Dan

Solved: Cannot Open files attached to emails

... Antivirus/firewall HP multifunction printer attached to home workgroup Initially, using Internet Explorer, I could open files but could not print. I then downloaded Firefox ... today, both browsers could not open files attached to emails. When I try to open by doubleclicking the ...

Opening email attachment help

... email. My computer has IE6.0 and Win 98 on it. I am having problems viewing my email attachments. I used to just click on the paperclip and the pic would appear in the email itself. Now I keep getting the question of do I want to open or save the file to disk. Any suggestions ...

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I have windows XP. I use Internet Explorer to receive and send my email. I am not able to open email attachments from any sender - I get ... as my internet provider and I had no problem sending or receiving attachments. The problem started when I changed to Verizon, but Verizon ...

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Solved: How to open email attachments?

... I'm aware of a rather expensive program ( can't remember the name right now) that professes to be able to open MOST email attachments. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any free ware that is available to assist me in opening these "Strange" formats? Thanks Dave.

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My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate with all available updates applied and Internet Explorer 9 The problem I have is when reading emails on webmail I cannot open any attachments Any help would be appreciated ghanks

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... will run fine for an hour or so opening email attachments in a matter of a second or two, then all of a sudden it starts to ... to clean out the computer as well as it's registry scanner. I've tried deleting all of my other emails, saved, sent or deleted, so there are only a few in Outlook and nothing ...

email attachments will not open

... open on my IPad and IPhone. When I click on the attachments nothing happens. This problem started about a month ago. ... attachments on my IPad and IPhone. I can open existing PDF and Word files with no problem on the laptop. It is just email attachments that I can't open. Thanks for any suggestions.

Solved: email attachment problems

... i am running windows xp home,and i am trying to open my email attachments, i open my email click on the attachment and ... with it for performing this action.create an association in the folder options control panel.only i need to open the attachments because they are my fixtures for my football team.

email attachments in vista

I have bought a laptop using vista and when I open my email attachments they are corrupted. Some of the attachments I have already opened on my pc using windows xp so I know there is nothing wrong with the attachments.

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I have a friend who I can not view ANY email attachments from. No matter what they send or what file format they try to ... from peoplepc email server and I am on google (and there are all other types of email he has tried sending to) I have tried opening the emails with outlook and through google and ...

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... Outlook Express to Outlook some months ago, all email attachments are converted during transmission to ... *****.dat files, regardless of the type of files attached (.doc, .zip, HTML, .jpg) Nobody that I send files to is able to open them, except one IT specialist who says the manipulation employed are ...

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... the Incredimail Transfer wizard but none of my email attachments are there. They all just open blank now. I found another thread on this ... > messages" function on IM, import the folders one by one to the new IM. I have found this attachments folder but how do I import them back into Incredimail? I ...

email attachments

When I send a Word doc as an email attachment, the recipients tell me that it comes to them in the form of a winmail.dat file and they can't open it. I'm running Windows 98 and using Outlook 2000 for email. Any clues?

Solved: Email attachments

I use Outlook Express exclusively for all email, and do not have Hotmail. I recently had to update my windows live IM to their newest program and ever since almost all email attachments that I receive in an email will not open. A box opens that says Windows Live Mail ...

email attachments

When I try to open some attachments on email (Outlook Express) I get the message "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Control Panel. It won't even open a jpeg file. Can you help?l

Solved: Email Attachments

... of my friends sends me emails with attachments that I cannot open. The attachment Name; ATT00001._ (5.40 MB ... he sends. (Except for the size) These go to other friends who seem to have no trouble opening them. I'm using Vista home premium with IE7. Most attachments I get open with Irfanview ok. Can ...