OBD II Scan Tool

What's everyone's opinion on the best OBD II scan tool for the money? I'm getting tired of plunking down $100 ever time the CEL illuminates only to be told that nothing can be detected. I've been reading threads in other car forums that say some only read generic codes and others read all of them.
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OBD II Scan Tool / Software ??? 96 318i

... here and far and cannot seem to find a consistent answer: Which is the best OBD II Scan Tool or the best Software based ... that Peak has an offering that has both OBD II and the older BMW connector, but my question ... always align with what would be drawn from the BMW connector? Reseting BMW service ...

OBDii OBD 2 scan tools review

What scan tools are you using for post '95 OBDii code reading? Self contained hand held units, ... correct please post it. For those of whom have no idea about this here are some things I have found in researching OBD, correct me if I'm wrong: ISO 9141/2 is the protocol used by BMW after 1995 until ...

Confused about code readers / scan tools ... help!

... need of a code reader or scan tool for my 1996 E36 (OBD-II). I am aware of the Peake code reader (e.g. R5/FCX-II) ... a Peake tool. If (1) or (2), then perhaps I'd be happier with a more powerful OBD-II scan tool. In that case, which one should I get? I have a laptop and a PalmPilot, ...

New E36 M3 owner, Scan tool question

... I have directed it in the right place. Curious to know if anyone has used the Peake Research R5-FCX-3 Code Scan and Reset Tool I had found one on pelican parts, wondering the quality or possible other scan tools that may be superior but also not a massive price difference. Thanks ...

OBDII e36 won't communicate codes to scan tool

... the dealership to align my EWS with a stock ECU. I borrowed a Snap On (red brick) scan tool from work. It won't communicate in the generic OBDII mode at the OBDII port. Neither will my Carsoft communicate using the circular BMW plug under the hood. Any ideas? Tom

scan tool not just BMW

With the holidays soon here I thought I would do some Christmas shopping (for myself) I'm looking for a scan tool that reads BMW and the domestic in the two to ... only had the check engine on once in three years Bad fuel cap. Someday my other two cars will be BMW's :D:D:D

diagnostic scan tool

Hi there, I am on the way to buy a scan tool for my 1995 318i E36 M43 1.8 litre engine. But have no idea which one is the best and how many pins the socket should be? Can somebody give me some ideas please? Thanks. Sherab

Has anyone made an OBDII scan tool?

Hey guys, does anyone know how to make an OBDII code scan tool? I know the Peake one is good but I'm hoping to save the $130. I know that the VW/Audi guys have been ... to read codes (and more) on a laptop. Anybody know of a writeup for this for our cars? I've got an E36 with the M52. TIA!!!!

Back Clear Lights ( circle shaped ) for BMW 1991-99

i I'm from melbourne and i have for - Sale back clear lights-circle shape ( brand new- bought them for $ 500 ) they look very nice in any BMW series 3 Year 1991- 1999 Sell them $ 300 ono Anyone intrested call me on 0401757242

20 pin scan tool adapter

... alot of these adapter on ebay they covert the 20 pin to the 16 pin my scan tool is a peake r5/fcx-3-16 im wondering if anyone has any experience with this adapter or any input on it...thank you here the link to the adapter http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/BMW-2...#ht_5752wt_956

1999 e36 323is Looking for Advice

... a user account. ive been contemplating purchasing a 1999 e36 323is and i need some advice and tips ... buy the car a few times. just because i can, doesnt mean that i want to, however. please, no comments about "are you sure you want to get into this" or "BMWs are expensive". my job pays well, i ...

bmw 318ti 1999 will turn over but wont fire up

... mutiple forums i havnt quite found a situation the same as my own. Its a bmw 318ti 1999 and its not starting properly after about 30 min of try and jump starting it will ... air leaks from hoses and found one with a slight leak but my other e36 has a hole in this same hose and it starts fine??? ...

Scan Tool Recommendations

Title says it all - I think I'm going to treat myself to a scan tool for Christmas. I think it is a worthwhile investment. Thing ... a choice. Pelican offers the Peake tool, which I have heard other people mention here before. Bavarian Autosport has a tool that reads the codes and resets CELs. What ...

1999 E36 M3 Exhaust For Sale

I am selling my stock exhaust from my 1999 E36 M3 since I just picked up a UUC System U DTM today. The M3 exhaust is in very good condition since it ... Car has been garaged very much, and taken care of well. Great sounding for non-m3 e36. It has kind of a deep, mellow tone, and it ...

Peake scan tool found two fault codes, now whats next?

Just got my Peake scan tool today and worked like a charm. Received fault codes in seconds. The codes were "tabe 11" "F6" and "FC". F6 - "Secondary air system flow too low, Cyl #4-6" FC - EVAP incorrect purge flow Now the issue is how do I fix these two problems?

Reset/scan Tool...?

Does any one know of place with Reset/Scan Tool other than PEAKE Code reader? I have air bag light on and shops want $100 to $150 for scan/reset plus parts and labor for 96 328i. If you have web site or phone number of place with tool please let me know. Thanks in advance for help.

Peake Scan tool Question, Flashing "E"

I just got my Peake scan tool model R5 FCX II and I have a question. Has anyone had a problem with not being able to read any codes and just getting a flashing "E". This is what is happing to me. I went though all of the trouble shooting that was in the owners manual. I was ...

Missfire need help 1999 E36 323is

Hello people i have a 1999 e36 323is and its misfiring iv changed the spark plugs 4k miles ago and then i changed the wire harness and switched the coils no change when i switched the coils what can it be from my obd2 reader says p0300 and p0301 p0302

CEL/ Scan tool

... SRS airbag light. I'd like to buy a scan tool that would be able to reset the airbag, ... - bwm specific codes included. Is there an all-in-one scan tool that would do this for me? Any brand recommendations? Bav auto sells three separate tools, and it gets pricey rather quickly. Of the three, the SRS ...

Peake Scan Tool Problems.

Hey guys, So I recently acquired a Peake Research R5/FCX-3-U scan tool off craigslist. Its known to work on other bimmers, however all I'm getting is the blinking E. I've gone through everything on the trouble shooting sheet and still no dice. From the ...

BMW Engine Electrical System

... produced between March 1996 and August 1999. E36 - M3 with S52 (3.2L) automatic ... , BMW software number: M44, Production code 571 ... can be corrected using a pin removal tool 61 1 131 as well as releasing the locking ... engine (M1.7 or M1.7.2) produced between September 1991 and December 1995. Complaint ...

E36 Garage Sale, Tools, Keyless Entry, K&N Filter, Misc.

... Roundel emblem for alloy wheels. $10 ea. E36 M3 '95 - '99 OEM Owners manuals, ... , in original BMW case. $95. E36 '92 -'99 OEM Complete tool ... , mounting hardware & strap. $95. E36 '92 -'99 New K&N Filter, also fits E39, ... signal lights, $25 ea. or $40 pair. E36 OEM '97-'99 later model smaller ...

bmw e36 remote locking

I was wandering if anyone could help me. I own a BMW E36 328i sport coupe, is there any way I can get the windows + sunroof to open and close by using the central locking system with the key fob? one of my friends had a BMW 525tds (1999 yr) this had this opption. would it be as simple as changing a ...

Audi tech new to BMW need help! Fuel pump / misfire issue ??

... am an Audi Technician. I'm new to BMW brand. My daily driver E36 328is has been great to me up until now. About a month ago i started ... of the blue, it would start to misfire. Normally only for a few seconds, not long enough for me to get a scan tool on the car. These misfires would come ...