Mr. Mulligan kits

I have 2 Mr. Mulligan kits . one Bud Nosen & one A&A kit. I'm looking for info
on some areas that I need to address for strength, these kits were originally
designed for .60 engines. Before I start construction does any one need plans or any templates made?
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Giant Scale Kits

I have a US 41 gas engine that's very happy at home on my Stinson Reliant, but the plane is 5 years old and I'm thinking I might like a new giant scale airplane. Where are the good kits suitable for this engine?

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... Ralph Saxton P-51 Stilleto kit -glass fuselage and foam ... and enlarge? the problem as I see it is (the first question) that my 1/7 scale uses a balsa built wing ... but that IS what I am when it comes to foam construction and giant scale especially with this kit Thanks in advance for your help Jeff

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... of companies that sell IMAA Legal, Giant Scale ARFs. Some of these companies manufacture and sell their own product while others just sell them. ... /catalog/index.php Krill Aircraft Kits… ... … Texas ARF Airplanes… Troy Built ...

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Ok guys (and gals), I manage what equates to a lotto win with my last request and now I don't have to build it. I will now take on a long term build of another "I love that airplane" type of project. Anyone see a giant scale Porter or Helio about in kit form or plans? Cheers, Wiz.

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I am looking for plans for a 30cc to 50cc profile 3D airplane. I want to power one on Gasoline. Can anyone help here? No one seems to build any of the new giant scale 3D stuff from plans. Help! :confused::(

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... me thinking, I already have a Goldberg Super Chipmunk, and i love it and now want a giant scale, and not an ARF. The Dynaflite was 89" i believe, but they no longer put them out. Looking to get something i could put a Moki 2.1 in. Again no ARF, looking for a built up balsa kit.

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... off my brand new Dynaflite Super Decathlon kit. 89" Observations so far are: 1. Gee, Thats a really big box 2. A ... instructions and pretty CAD drawn plans. 5. Two giant size balsa bricks 15X3X2.5 which ... as the structure is mostly built up sticks. Any wisdom for a first time giant scale builder????

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With a power to weight ratio greater than 1:1 (3D airplanes) with light gas engines and now large brushless motors, why doesn't anyone market giant scale prop jets (tractor or pusher)? I think this could easily become a whole new segment to our hobby.

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... a private pilot certificate. A goal I hope to achieve very soon. I have decided to sell all my small 3d airplanes, which would get me about $2500 at the lowest and start from scratch by getting a giant scale plane. I was thinking of something powered by a ...

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... flying surfaces. The kit recommended using Robart giant scale hinge ... ... What techniques and types of glue do some of you giant scale builders use to get this job ... scheme must work somehow or they wouldn't keep selling them and I wouldn't keep seeing them on giant scale ARF's. Thanks in advance ...

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Hey, need a little help. I would like to get into giant scale aircraft but need a little advice on how to start, what to start with, etc. I would like to build a kit, not an ARF. To me, building is half the fun, although it's been about 30 years ...

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... for a winters project but what is a good first giant scale plane ? I want a kit not an ARF the entire point of the project is to give me something relaxing to work on this ... so no yaks etc. I have looked at the stuff balsausa sells and the 1/4 scale cub and sopwith pup both look ...

Giant Scale Katana 50CC ARF Nitro Gas

I just got a new nitro plane and looking to fin the right set up for my Giant Scale Katana 50CC ARF Nitro Gas from nitro plane Look it installs new Hitec servos 1) Ailerons 2) Elevators 3) Rudder Thank you al

Giant Scale Ju 88 Maiden & Crash

Giant Scale RC Ju 88 Maiden & Crash By PlaneVideoArt (4 min 38 sec) This is part 3 of our Sunday at Black ... video John Reno and Brian Young try to maiden a giant scale JU-88 German WW II bomber. I use the word try due to the little crash that happen just at take off. John did an excellent job at ...

Lets see your Giant Scale Airplane

Lets all see your favoirate GS Airplane Here is a pick of mine with me when I was at the JR Challenge in Florida H9 Su-31 with DA 100, 26-10beila 3blade, Airtronics 358 servos all away around and Stylus Radio of course Randy Team Airtronics

New giant scale warbird pilots. ??

... am thinking about making some giant scale warbird pilots. My wife is a well known ball jointed doll maker and she ... to see how realistic they are. If anyone is interested, what scales and eras would you be interested in? I was thinking 1/5th 1/4tr and 1/3rd ...

Giant Scale Meister A6M Zero video by PlaneVideoArt

This model built and flown by Brian Young. Model weight is 45 pounds, powered by an DA 100cc, wingspan 118", Sierra giant scale retracts. Giant Scale Meister Scale RC Zero Video (3 min 40 sec) Enjoy Six

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This models weight is 46 pounds with a 3W85 gas engine. You can watch in high def by clicking the lower right of the viewing window. Giant Scale Don Smith RC Spitfire Video (3 min 5 sec) Enjoy! Six

Giant Scale?

... give me the "correct" definition of Giant Scale? I have had several ppl. give me several different definitions/opinions of what it really means. Eg..Aircraft weighing x amount of lbs. " ... " with certain size engines Thanks. Bill BTW ... is a PT17 Military Stearman by Great Planes a Giant Scale?

Giant Scale Planes Edge 540 - 103"

While it looks like an early release, has anyone purchased and built the Giant Scale Planes Edge 540 - 103"? I am considering it in a move from 50cc (Lanier Stinger 120) ...

giant scale airplane servo

I was looking for some servo and found this servo on nitro (49G Digital Servos w/ Metal Gear High-Speed performance DMP072) and would like to know if any one has use this servo on there airplane or know anything about this servo .I need some good servo for my extra 330l 80" ...

Basic Giant Scale Power and Electronics Setup

... am getting ready to start my first gasser build on a Hangar 9 Sukhoi. I have been building electric for a while, including giant scale electric, but I've not done a gas plane yet. For large scale electric I'd go with something like a SPIN ESC for motor control, and then ...

New Giant Scale Retracts

SouthEast Model Products is now producing Giant Scale Retracts for all the Ziroli models. Atttached is are some pic ... . We have been manufacturing air operated micro retracts for 4 years now, and are expanding into the large side of giant scale retracts. Prices are competive. Larry Epifanio Southeast ...

Best Giant Scale DVD

Hello, Does anyone knows what's the best Giant Scale DVD out there..and where can I get it. I'm looking for 1/4 scale and bigger. I was looking some Scale magazines from Europe and it looks like that they do have a lot more scale planes there. Thanks

giant scale project

I am wanting to build a 1/5-1/4 scale airplane.I would like it to be scale.I was wondering wich plane would be te best start as a scale project.I am looking at either a warplane or a cub like plane.Thanks for all your info.