Pink Discharge and watery light bleeding?

Today i had discharge in my panties which was a very light pink color. i paid no attention to it just wiped it out and then later tonight i had sex with my boyfriend and when we were done there was this lightish red/ pink color that looked like blood but wasn't could i be pregnant?
i do have unprotected sex often, and im not on BC so i know it is always a possibility but im just not sure exactly what implantation bleeding is like. and if sex would make it more obvious.

Im expecting my period Feb 5thishh...

and now everytime i go to the restroom i have a bit of that light redish pink stuff, and its more then it was earlier but not like normal menstrual period bleeding.
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i had light pink discharge after few days of clear white discharge . its freaking me out because this is my first time . advise anyone ? this has never happen before .

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... hard,and more intense as usual but it didn't hurt as i thought it would it was just more rigorous and deep. I came home 45 minutes later and i had a small amount of light pink discharge that wasnt continous at all, what does this mean? could this ...

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... pregnancy test that has been negative, prob about once a week since May. I am now experiencing pink discharge that has been very light and started on Wednesday. Its only really occasionally when I wipe. The doc is sending me for bloods on tuesday. You think ...

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had coil fitted last week and had light bleeding for a couple of days which stopped. 3 days later i now have bloody discharge at the time i should be ovulating. plus stomach cramps and nausea, any one got any ideas why?