Panamorph U85 and UV200 Tested

i posted a while back that i was interested in the difference between the U85 and UV200 panny. i contacted panamorph went for the uv200 so i thought i would post my results here.

i would say that hte uv200 is definitely worth the extra money. the best way i can describe it is that it is like looking through good optical glass rather than looking through plastic. this is basically what it is. the 200 is basically an 85 with glass elements. the result is a little less CA and punchier contrast. i can't quantify it but blacks seem more black. you can even see it on a test grid.



i think it really hit me when i looked at the lens while the light was coming through it. the 85 kind of has a white plastic look and the 200 looks like crystal. it is not like the 85 is cheap plexiglass or anything but side by side the difference is definite.

for my "big red cinema" build i am going with the uv200. if you have any questions about the lens i have found panamorph to be very helpful.

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