Finalize vs. Make Edits Compatible

Some months back I bought the SV2000 WV10D6 DVD Recorder from WalMart - most of the time I have been recording on DVD+RW - editing the DVD on the recorder and taking them to my PC to ReAuthor with DVDshrink onto DVD+R.

As the final step I use "Make Edits Compatible" - so that the DVD+RW and the edits would be compatible on my PC.

I thought nothing of this - until recently when TCM had been showing Oscar nominated movies and I started to do a lot of recording of these.

The great thing about TCM is that they show movies uninterrupted by ads.

So I thought I'd record straight onto DVD+R and just top/tail (edit out) the safety extra recording from the beginning and end that I allow to make sure I got the whole program. Besides I wanted to keep the comments made on these movies and place them into separate chapters.

All seemed well because after the edits these movies and comments played great on the SV2000/WV10D6 DVD recorder.

Then I thought what happens if I tried to play them on any other DVD player - the only good functioning DVD player was on my PC.

The DVD+R would not play on my PC - even though it was obviously recognized by DVD Identifier - it would not play and was not recognized by the PC as a playable DVD.

Ah! I thought I had NOT Finalized the DVD+R, I had only protected them from erasure and/or further editing.

So I unprotected a DVD+R and Finalized it.

Sure enough it would now play on the PC -

BUT - the edits were not implemented - so I took the DVD+R back to the SV2000/WV10D6 DVD recorder and it played fine with all the edits in place......

What gives?

So I re-read the manual (link to on-line pdf) more carefully
(using the search funtion on the pdf version to find "make edits compatible" and "finalize") and this is what I found -

Page 12
4. Make Edits Compatible (DVD+RW only):
Allows you to make edits possible to play discs in other units after editing titles.
Finalize (DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD-RW only):
Allows you to finalize a disc containing recorded titles.

Page 17
Finalizing a Disc
* This will allow DVD+R/DVD-RW/DVD-R discs recorded on this unit to be played back on a different DVD
player - without finalization it will not be playable on other units.
* After finalizing a disc, you cannot edit contents on that disc.
* DVD+RW discs is not required to finalize but to "Make Edits Compatible" to play on other units after
editing. You can edit the disc after "Make Edits Compatible".

Page 25 instructions for Finalize and Make Edits Compatible
Page 62 Make Edits Compatible

OK it is NOT explicit -
but what I gather is that since "Make Edits Compatible" applies only to DVD+RW - these are the only discs that will retain the edits when played on another player.

Finalizing a disc (DVD +R, -R and -RW) will make those discs playable on pother DVD players - BUT may not retain the editing (unless it is a DVD recorder/player with the same functionality/features as the SV2000/WV10D6).

So I was "lucky" to have standardized on DVD+RW for my recordings on this SV2000/WV10D6 DVD recorder - and did not realize that Finalize on any other media DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD-RW would not have compatible edits for other DVD players.

Hope this makes some sense.

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