i'm having light pink discharge?

I stopped my birth control over a week ago because of religous reasons and the fact I wasn't taking it like I was supposed to anyways on day i'd take it at 8 then next day about 12 which I know isn't good. When I stopped my birth control I did bleed for what I assume was part of my cycle. Today though I started having light pink discharge with light cramping, I've never had anything like this happen before even when abruptly stopping birth control. Any suggestions.
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What could light pink discharge mean?

I've recently had some strange cramping in my lower abdomen. Last night I thought I saw some light pink discharge after I went to the bathroom, but I chucked the ... Today confirmed it though, and I do have a sort of peach-colored discharge. I've also had the strange, sore cramping today. ...

what is this light pink discharge?

Ok my period is 2 days late. Now i have a light pink discharge. Yesterday i had sex and i only had a very little bleeding almost like spotting. why did i have this light pink discharge?

Light pink discharge?

I had unprotected sex the day before and the day of ovulation. My period is expected tomorrow. Today i had a really light pink discharge when i wiped. I wiped again about 30 mins later and it was gone. Can someone please tell me what this is??

Why am I having light pink discharge?

... a week. Yesterday I was cramping very bad all the way back to my kidneys almost. Today I have light pink discharge but not really any pain. Could this be beacuse Im about to start? Or could it be something else? I recently started having sex with a new guy, we have ...

really light pink discharge but no period for five months!?

Okay well first off I"M NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE! and i have a light pink discharge but no period. and I have had my period for about 3 three years and i'm 14. I'm anemic and recovering from anorexia and bullimia. Is the pink discharge just a super light period or what?

Light pink discharge before period?

... today i wiped and i noticed some light pink discharge on the toliet paper. I ... and this is my 2nd period, is it normal to have like light pink discharge and cramping, and last week i had stretching discharge which i know means im ovulating so i think im getting it tomorrow, so is light pink dischare ...

Light pink discharge before period?

I had a Cramps and bloating Therefore I thought my period came But it was just a light pink discharge? No period yet. What does this mean?

What could this be???...Light pink Discharge?

I just got over my period...it was normal lasted from the 3-6th...husband and I had sex on the 7th, next day had light pink discharge?! Havent had any since..just really bad back pain and also my stomach has been feeling queezy.

Light pink discharge?

I finished my period 5 days ago and tonight I started having light pink discharge. Kinda slimey almost bloody. I don't know what's going on. I haven't had sex in 2 months. I've had periods both months but they were kinda weird. I had started bc ...

Light pink discharge ?

i had light pink discharge after few days of clear white discharge . its freaking me out because this is my first time . advise anyone ? this has never happen before .

What does light pink discharge mean after fingering?

... hard,and more intense as usual but it didn't hurt as i thought it would it was just more rigorous and deep. I came home 45 minutes later and i had a small amount of light pink discharge that wasnt continous at all, what does this mean? could this ...

Light pink discharge and lower abdominal pain?

... i normally take them on time. Last saturday though, I had one around 9 hours late because I was out and didn't have them with me. I'm not due for my period until another week. And Ive been having very light pink discharge for two days and lower abdominal pain. The last time ...

Light pink discharge?

... unprotected sex. I got my period it was a day late and lasted for the regular amount of time. Well a week later after my period ended I'm having light pink discharge and some bloody mucus in the discharge. Ive scheduled an appt with my physician but do you think I have ...

Light brown, dark brown then light pink discharge?

... pill at 10pm every night) and the next day at night I noticed some light brown ... discharge, again there was very little and didn't get on my underwear. And now tonight I've got a very light pink discharge. And again, very little and not enough to get on my underwear. This may be too much information, ...

what is this light pink discharge?

... it was on the bed. now..today is my third day and since yesterday i been having like a light pink discharge when i wipe after i peed i think on sunday i had it too..now i know it cant be implatation bleeding since that takes like a week or so..and im suppose to have ...

Light Pink discharge when I wipe?

... I had unprotected sex in 07/28/11, my period stopped about two days after that. Then i had sex again 07/29/11 or the 07/30/11. My period has not showed up, the closest thing to it. Is this light pink discharge that I notice today. It's only when I wipe and ...

light pink discharge?

i'm 14 and i never gotten my period before. i notice i had a light pink discharge .. what is it? O:

Light pink discharge while on the pill?

Hello, I've been taking the pill for about 3 weeks now and ever since i started taking it I have light pink discharge that seems to come out once a day. Is this normal? It's not stinky, and I don't have an infection. I just don't know what it means.

What does light pink discharge mean?

... control pills but wasn't takin.g them regularly at all I went to the doctor qnd they preg tested me and it was negative but I've been having a light pink discharge on and off since then and I don't know what that means I'm going to make a Dr. Apt on Monday but I need ...

light pink discharge?

today i have notices a light pink discharge, im 3 days late on my period but my period isnt usually normal.ill have it monthy but not on time, but ... looks like a period started just isnt heavy this time its like a discharge that is pinkish. ive heard it could be a pregnancy ...

Light pink discharge. ?

So the other night I noticed when I went to the bathroom there was a light pink colour when I wiped. Only a very ... taken 2 pregnancy tests and they both come up negative. I know light pink discharg can mean implantation but is there anything else this could be? I have a doctor appointment next week ...

reasons for light pink discharge?

... wiped today i've had the slightest amount of barely visible light pink discharge. does this mean i'm about to start? i've had dark brown discharge at the beginning of my period before but nothing like this. i'm not cramping or anything and i'm usually fairly ...

Light pink discharge when I wipe ! 10 POINTS !?

Yesterday after I used the restroom I noticed some really light pink discharge. I went too the doctor a few weeks back about 3 to be ... due too sudden dizzy spells. They took a urine test and it came back negative. What could the reason for the pink discharge. 10 POINTS FOR THE BEST & FASTEST ANSWER !

heavy light pink discharge? help?

... sex.. and im expecting my period any time soon, but for the past 2 days ive been having abdominal pains, and a heavy light pink discharge. its not period cramps. ive also been feeling dizzy, really tired all the time, breaking out for no reaons, ...