How To Recover Acer Hidden Partition Without Napp Dvd


This Tutorial has been tried on ACER ASPIRE 9424WSMI and ACER ASPIRE 7003WSMI.

Things You Need :

1. ACRONICS Disc Director Suite v.10
2. ACRONICS True Image Home v.11
3. Windows XP CD
3. ACER D2D Recovery DVD
4. ACRONICS clone Image of Acer Hidden Partition With Empty D2D Folder
5. Or YOUR Original clone Image of Acer Hidden Partition

Step 1:

Set Boot Option in bios key F12 to boot from cd drive.
Bootup with windowsxp cd, format whole disc, delite all partitions.
Make new partitons, the first one must be 7816MB, it will become our acer hidden partition later.
Make the second and third partition of same size. Or just one big size.

Step 2:

Instal Windowsxp on second partition.
When Windowsxp instalation has been finished, instal ACRONICS Disc Director Suite and ACRONICS True Image Home.

Step 3:

Start ACRONICS Disc Director Suite and format the first partition ( 7816MB ) into FAT32 System.
Start ACRONICS TRUE Image Home and recover first partition with original clone image ACER hidden partition.
Or Use mine Image with Empty D2D Folder ( Acer Aspire 9420WSMI HIDDEN PARTITION CLONE EMPTY D2D ).
( If you have original clone image of your ACER hidden partition go to step 5 )

Step 4:

Start ACRONICS Disc Director Suite and set the type of first partition ( 7816MB ) into OBh FAT32.
Insert ACER D2D Recovery DVD and copy all files to first partition ( 7816MB ) into D2D empty folder.
Start ACRONICS Disc Director Suite again and set the type of first partition ( 7816MB ) into 12h Compaq Setup.

Step 5:

Start Instalation from ACER D2D Recovery DVD.
After Instalation has finished all should be working fine again.

Folder D2D contains the first instalation of your acer with language of your choice.
That's why you have to copy it from your original ACER D2D Recovery DVD.

You can download mine Image with Empty D2D Folder ( Acer Aspire 9420WSMI HIDDEN PARTITION CLONE EMPTY D2D ),
search it in usegroep

Good Luck and kind regards from supersrbin
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