"BIGNASTY" Full fuse, full wing. Free plans, Build Guide.

These are a couple I finished a few months ago but haven't had time to release. The "BigNasty" is a available in two wing versions, tapered or square wing. Both 37-38 inch wingspan. This is a sweet flying 3D/Sport plane in either 3 or 4 channel configuration. A continuation of the "Nasty" series;
It looks and feels like a heavier gas plane until you pick it up, 16.5 oz w/o battery. Flies very slow to very fast. Takes many different motor and battery setups and is a easy intermediate build. If you want a full wing full fuse plane, this will be a great flyer to add to your collection. Give it a try or first build the "Nasty" if you have little sport plane experience, it will make a aerobatic pilot of you in no time. Enjoy!

Plans- www.tornlogic.com/avov/bignasty.pdf
One Page plans- www.tornlogic.com/avov/bignasty1.pdf
Build Guide- www.tornlogic.com/avov/bnbg.pdf

Video- 1st flight all dressed up. Mostly checking balance and minor aerobatics.
www.tornlogic.com/avov/bn.wmv Dialup 5mgs.
www.tornlogic.com/avov/bnc.wmv Cable 9mgs.

Will add more video of both planes as soon as I get a chance to film.
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