Big problems E23 735i ?

Hi all.

I hope you can solve this problem for me, because i CAN'T figure it out, i tried and tried.

Now , let me get you into the beginning.

I bought this car , and it had a blown head gasket (ate like 6 ltr of water on 10 k's)

But anyway, it actually ran perfect , no start problems, or anything.

I took the head of, and got the head machined.
Got new gaskets, head bolts and all that shit.

Finally it was the time to get this car running again - (i didn't put airflow meter and all other vacuums on - because i wanted to hear it start first)

It started up, and ran on all 6 cylinders for like 20 seconds, then sputted, and went out .

Since that, i haven't been able to start it.

I have checked timing again, again and again , and it is allright.
It gets fuel, and there is spark on all leads.

Anyway, let it stay for a night, and now this morning i tried to start it again with diesel start and it didn't help. then i assembled airflow meter and all that . and it was actually running, not on all 6 but it was going. and now i can't start it again.

Anyone who can give me a clue on this problem ? there is fuel on the tank, and the spark plugs is wet, and it has ignition ?? and there is also compression .. according to me, that fucking thing should be running, but it won't - and sometimes it seems like its backfiring .

By the way - the timing - i put the crank on "O l T" and the cam sprockets "keyway" is in left bottom corner / i can see that the cam is compressing on cylinder 1 because both "eggs" are turning down . But it seems for me that the keyway for the rotor button not is on cylinder 1 but on its way to cylinder 5 ? but i haven't turned anything ? and the "keyway hole" is in the cam so its not possible to adjust it ?

Hope someone can figure this out .

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