lights/turn signal wiring

I need some help with my lights wiring. I need to find a couple of certain signals...if they exist!

I need to find a signal in a wire somewhere in my C5 which is a constant 12V (B+) or ground, it doesn't matter which, when the left turn signal is flashing. I need a second wire which is the same but for the right turn signal.

I can get my project to work just fine if I have the inverse of that signal as well (a constant B+ voltage or ground whenever the turn signals are off)

I just need something which changes its state with the turn signals, but does not flash with the turn signals. what I need is pretty much what the DRL request signals are coming out of the BCM. the problem with those are they don't always work (or do they? if they do someone let me know, and that's exactly what I need!) I need this signal when the parking lights (or parking lights and headlights) are on. I don't care what the signal does when the parking lights are off, but I have to have it when they are on. as far as I know the DRL request signals turn off as soon as the parking lights go on.

some approaches I've thought of so far are the turn signal wires from the multifunction switch. if I could tap into those wires after the turn signal switch but before the flasher that is what I need. problem there is many cars have the flasher in the circuit before the turn signal switch and common to both signals, in which case that place between the switch and flasher doesn't exist. anyone know if it does in C5s? Another thought I had is to use the DRL request wires anyway, and figure out how to stop the BCM from turning off these signals when the parking lights are turned on. there must be some kind of a parking lights monitor wire going into the BCM, can I cut that wire and fool the BCM to leave the DRL's on all the time regardless of headlight status? What makes me nervous about that plan is what side effects of doing that might there be? what else does the BCM do with that information? I might end up preventing the twilight feature of the car from working. if that's the only side effect no problem since I never use that feature anyway. But if it were to set codes and cause DIC messages then that wouldn't be an acceptable option.

sorry for the long post for a simple question, can anyone help me out?
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