baby kicking cervix?

Hi! I am almost at 28 weeks and my baby has been getting more and more active. The last few days I have been getting this strange sensation. I get sort of a blip down near my cervix that kinda of vibrates. It will happen several times in a row then stop then happen again. Sometimes it almost feels like it in in my vagina but I think that is just the vibration travelling down? I guess I just want to make sure it is normal. Is it just the baby kicking or punching my cervix or around it? Also, sometimes when it happens I almost feel like I am going to pee for a second too.
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Baby Kicking Cervix?

So lately I've noticed that DC #2 likes to kick my cervix area. It feels *really* weird. I was wondering does anyone else have a baby that's trying to kick their way out? Should I try to turn him when it starts getting painful, or just let him be?

pain when baby kicks?

Does it actually hurt anyone else when baby kicks? It doesnt always hurt, just sometimes. It seems to be painful mostly when she kicks/pokes down low in my abdomen. Is this normal? I don't remember kicks ever hurting with my son..... could there be something wrong down there? Melanie

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... does your baby kick? I can't believe how strong my baby is. He has hiccups right now that are quaking my whole body. He ... different posture (like it's not me moving myself). Last night I barely slept because of all the kicking and wiggling going on, as well as the having to pee every half hour thing ...

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ok for about the last month ive been getting these wierd feelings that feel like a baby kick in my stomach and its like every single day but im not pregnant im 15 if that helps... please answer

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... spasms in my belly, and complained to dh. He told me I was pregnant. I argued with him. We decided to test, ... with me (her third). I have 3 kids already. I REALLY don't want to be pregnant right now. This is freaking me out like you wouldn't believe. This feels so much like baby kicks, it's driving ...

Why does it feel like a baby kicking inside?

I know its weird but I have this feeling like a baby kicking even though I am on mirena. I really doubt I am pregnant but I have gained like 10 lbs in the past couple months

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... - for the past two weeks I've been feeling phantom "baby kicks" every day - it really feels like there's a ... then and my stomach is too flat to be at the point in pg where i would feel the baby anyway....i've had no signs at all of pregnancy. is this normal??? should i take another pg test? Thanks!

Are baby's kicks inappropriate to share? (and other stupid things people say)

... logical place. I remember when I was pregnant with ds (now 10 months old) and I first started to REALLY notice his kicks, I was SO EXCITED. ... kicking at it and moving it around, I was so ecstatic that I wanted to share with EVERYBODY "Look! Watch my baby kick!" I was especially excited to show my mom ...

Ummm...I just felt the baby kick

... to be 8 weeks on Fri. but I swear I just felt the baby give me four good strong kicks. I know what a kick feels like (this is ... really started my cycles yet, but did have some spotting around April 9. I assumed I got pregnant 2 weeks after that, but I suppose it cld have been earlier ...

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... running a marathon for a few HOURS...and it got me thinking WHY do they spend so much energy kicking and kicking....what biological benefit is it to kick now...but later when there's little room at the inn they squirm...only to be born and want to be swaddled tight and held ...

Anyone else have a very ACTIVE Baby?

... movement around 16 weeks. By 18 weeks they were strong, by 19 they were strong and very often, now at 20 they are nearly non-stop during the day! I don't go an hour with out that little baby kicking at my bladder! I feel like this kid is already training for martial arts or something!! Oh and did I ...

Do your pets "know" you're pregnant??

... sitting--he wants my belly bare (which it usually is--clothes suck when you're pregnant!) then he rests the side of his massive head against my belly--he ... touches. He'll stay like that, perfectly still for the longest time--while he's there, the baby kicks, rolls and generally just bopps around-- ...

Baby kicking when I hold DD -- does it mean anything?

I'm 17w5d and have just started to feel the baby move and kick in the last week or two. I've noticed that the majority of the time when I've felt definitive movement is when I've just picked up my two-year-old DD. Could this mean that picking up ...

Tricks for feeling/making a baby kick/move

I tend to get really worried about baby movement, if I don't feel the little guy moving around as much as normal. So, when that happens I am looking for tips/tricks I can try to encourage a few good kicks and relieve my worried mama mind, instead of just waiting. ...

Baby kicking a LOT!

... pressure points and my uterus...she said it would get the baby into a better position. Well, I believe her, because the baby has been kicking TONS since ... time! So...paranoid first timer here...that's okay right? It doesn't mean she's tangled in the cord or something, right? Lots of kicks is good?

What's the earliest you felt baby kick?

... . I pushed on the area and immediately got a little "kick" back! Gas bubbles don't kick back right? So what do you think? Am I nuts or could it be? This is number 4 for me-do you feel the baby earlier with subsequent pregnancies?

Soft cervix at 13 weeks preg

I'm only 13 weeks pregnant and my cervix seems to have shortened a lot and is pretty soft. It's about as soft ... like this during pregnancy? I've been laying down a lot in hopes of avoiding a m/c. I've been having cramps on and off but no bleeding. The baby is still moving. Any ideas on what is going ...

How do you know when the baby's kicking?

Do you feel like something is moving inside you? Or does it hurt or become uncomfortable? Or does it just feel like something is there? I'm 15 weeks along and was wondering what baby kicking is supposed to feel like. Thanks, D

Cervix feels open at 6 weeks pregnant

Does anybody know if an open cervix at this point means I am going to have a miscarriage? I am almost 6 weeks pregnant and my cervix feels open. It's felt like this for at least a week. I'm not having any cramping or bleeding and I am extremely nauseous and tired. ...

Feeling bummed, could use some support

... pregnant with my first. I have gained no weight, and do not look pregnant. I have no cute little baby bump. I have anterior placenta ... is wrong. I am becoming so jealous; jealous of other Mama's baby bumps. Jealous of their videos that show the baby kicking from the outside. Jealous of the bond other ...

Flu While Pregnant: Baby Okay?

... the weekend. It wasn't severe and she didn't have a high fever or throw up a lot, just low grade fever, nausea, and terrible aches and pains for 2 days. Anyway, she's worried for the baby!!! She's calling her doc and researching it on the Internet. Any ideas on if this will affect her baby? Thanks

Baby very low at 27 weeks

... about pelvic pain (made better by a maternity belt-thanks for the suggestions!). My baby kicks very low in the pelvis, never above the navel. I'd like to hear from anyone who has experienced this before at such an early stage, particularly if your baby was engaged. I don't want an early baby and ...

Do people just not "share" their PG bellies anymore?

... felt a baby kick before. While I was to be their "first" kick that they felt, I was also . When I was a child and a teenager, there seemed to always be at least one pregnant ... share her tummy but just wants to wait for someone to ask her if it's OK to feel the kick or rub the belly, instead of freely ...