How often does your toddler pee?

My 19 mo. old has started using the potty, so I decided no more diapers. He was naked all day yesterday, peed in the potty twice, pooped once, and had one pee accident. Today, he's been awake for 6 hours and has only peed twice-- once 4 hours ago and once just now. Shouldn't he pee more than that? How can I potty train when I only get 3-4 opportunities a day?
I've never given him juice but I'm thinking about buying some to get more liquids in him. Right now he nurses several (8? 10?) times a day, gets 6 oz. of soymilk at night (daddy does the bedtime thing with him), and drinks water whenever he wants from a KK with a sports top.
Would I be starting a bad habit if I give him diluted juice while we potty train?
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... EVER had a dry diaper -- whenever I change him, he's always wet again within minutes. It seems to me that he pees all day & all night long. He does nurse a ... and he fits every symptom but I might just be overreacting which I frequently do... Sooooo yeah, how often does your toddler pee?

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... 3 year old is having a heck of a time staying dry, and when I started using a sticker chart I noticed 8 stickers on the first day. Quite often she will go pee and put on new pants, only to be wet again 10 mins later. So maybe she doesn't know how to empty her bladder when she goes?!! Any feed back/ ...

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... , he pees pretty frequently--maybe every 1/2 hour or something? Anyway, I assume that toddlers pee frequently at the beginning of potty training ... still trying to gain full control of their muscles. So, I was just curious when he'll pee less frequently. I know it will vary from child to child, but I ...

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My dd has been going on the toilet since she was about 27 months old. She would get herself to the toilet, use her step-stool and get on the potty herself. Usually one of us or one of her sisters would pop in to make sure she was using the right amount of toilet paper. But she was very independent ...

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... ? If yes, for how long? 2) What kind of mattress cover would you suggest to help protect the bed from toddler pee at night, but will not mean that he is sleeping face to face with plastic? Thanks for any help/suggestions

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... have hemp- that holds prevents the river coming through but still soaks in one pee (he holds it). I take him to the potty before bed/nap and after, so we're Ok at night. This is really getting to be a bummer. Anyone else's toddler pee through stuff? Mine is going on 20 months.

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... mind if I threw away something she gave DD. So.... any ideas on getting dd's pee-pee out of the foam that the chair ... foam that I"m worried about. I should also mention that I've got a do who just LOVES to pee anywhere DD has previously peed. : So, I really do need to do something to get the scent ...

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... skunky smelling when peed in now. And again, this is a 9 week old baby, not toddler pee. : I think I probably have hard water. I know there is a lot of ... diapers aren't getting clean. I had a regular top loader when diapering my other kids, so I never got stinkies with them until they were toddlers.