help,telescopic steering column not working

My telescopic steering column is not working. Also, the steering wheel does not lock when the car is in park. The steering column fuse looks good.

06 automatic coupe.

Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.

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I checked the fuse that is supposed to be for the Telescopic column and memory and it's good. Everything else works. Any ideas? I hate dealerships. You don't realize how spoiled you are until something like this stops working! Thanks in advance.

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Does anybody know how much extra extension you get with the telescoping wheel? I'm only 6'2" but the standard column seemed a little short for me. The local dealer, however, didn't have an 1sb model to compare. Did any tall guys out there compare the two?

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Here's a little diddy for those of you who get "service column lock" on your C6 DIC. If you have a telescoping steering column, move the steering wheel up and down 10 times and it will reset the column lock and the car will start.

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