LCD Monitor Flickers while HDMI out to HDTV

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with my PC monitor flickering when I connect my PC to my SONY HDTV (1920x1080) with a HDMI cable.
I do not have a problem with my HDTV. The video through HDMI is awesome.

My problem is the PC monitor which is a Philips 220VW LCD and runs on native 1680x1050 60Hz.
As soon as i connect the HDMI cable from the PC to the SONY HDTV, the PC monitor starts to flicker.
I tried cloning and extending the desktop but nothing seems to work.
I have also changed the resolution and refresh rate of the PC monitor.
I have tried three different video drivers for my two Asus GTS 250 video cards.

The last thing i did was to separate the two video outs from the PC.
Since i am using two video cards for SLI, i have connected the Philips LCD on one video card and the HDMI out on the second video card.
And still my PC monitor flickers as soon as i connect the HDMi cable from the PC to the TV.

I also tried changing the HDMI cable from a no name to HAMA.
I emphasize that the flickering starts right after I connect the HDMI cable to the HDTV even with no video going through the HDMI and even when my HDTV is off.

I am desperate. Thanks for any help
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