Yipes! Clear Sticky Fluid

Hi, I'm kind of freaking out, and I'm hoping someone can answer my questions.

I'm 7 weeks along. I woke up this AM with a wet spot in my pajamas and the bed (the spot is about the diameter of a nectarine and didn't soak past the sheets). It was clear and fairly sticky.

I'm taking prometrium inserts before bed and had been getting wetness from them but it had not soaked past my pajamas before. It didn't smell like urine, but then again my urine has been very clear and I drank a lot of water last night. I was scared I was m/cing at first, but then my breasts started killing me (they usually stop being sore a day or two before I m/c) and a HPT I took just now came out positive.

Could this leaking be a sign of an impending m/c or could of it just been an "accident"?

Is amniotic fluid really sticky and would I have enough of it to leak out at this stage in the pregnancy?

I've m/c'd twice before but normally had spotting (no clear fluids) and a disappearance of the pregnancy symptoms before it came on. I don't know if taking prometrium would change this or not.
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