Solved: error in loading xp, {bad image checksum}


Yesterday was using my computer just fine. Came home after going out, and it wouldn't come back up (have monitor set to 'idle' when not in use). So, rebooted the machine. The XP loading screen comes up and the progress bulllet goes back and forth , then a blue screen. At first it was just rebooting but I finally turned off automatic reboot.

The blue screen says:

STOP: c0000221 {Bad Image Checksum}
The image olecli32.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum.

I've tried using my XP reinstallation disk, but it loads VERY slowly and then gives error messages like : missing usbuhci.sys error code 12800, or missing w/ same error codes! I can't even get windows to start in safe mode.

Are there any suggestions? I am using XP Pro w/ SP2 installed. I've been googling this problem and have seen lots of mention of viruses. Definetely hope thats not the case.

Thanks for the assistance.
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