UK Child Support and overseas child support order

I have been paying child support for my daughter in the UK, for the past seven years, without the involvement of the CSA. I also have a daughter from my previous marriage, who lives with her mother in the USA. There is a child support order in effect from the US, which I have also been paying. There are no arrears for either child.

The mother of my daughter in the UK has told me that her solicitor will be contacting me in relation to current child support payments, as she believes that I am not paying enough.

I currently pay two hundred and fifty pounds, per month, for my daughter in the UK. The US child support order for my other daughter is however three hundred and ten pounds, per month, plus I have to pay all travel costs to bring her over here four times a year.

My weekly net income is five hundred and fifty pounds.

I have a number of questions regarding the above:

I live with my partner and her two children; does the CSA take into account the two children who are living in the household, even if they are not my biological children?

Will the CSA take into account the US child support order and related transport costs, when calculating the child support costs for my daughter in the UK?

I am happy to continue paying the current level of child support but would struggle to pay more than this, as I already pay for extras like school uniform, shoes and extracurricular activities.

I did contact the CSA to ask about how they would view the US child support order and received conflicting responses from different departments. One told me that they would not use the US order in their calculations, meaning that I would be assessed as having only one child. This would mean that the UK order would be for almost four hundred pounds. Another worker later told me that it would likely be considered and that I could be assessed as having to pay little or nothing towards my daughter in the UK!! I hasten to add that the latter is not an option that I am willing to consider.

Hopefully somebody on here can answer some or all of my queries. Many thanks, as always, for any advice that can be offered. :(
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