Vertical Red line on Samsung 42 inch LCD TV

My 14 month old LCD TV made by Samsung has intermittently developed as Red line appearing down the right hand side of the screen.

It is more noticeable on lighter screen shots. It will come and maybe last 10 minutes and then disapear.

I have searched around a few sites and this fault is more common on Computer screens but not unknown on TV's either. Funnily enough majority of searches mention Samsung TV's.

I am disapointed as the TV is only 14 months old and surprise surprise is out of uk warranty!
I purchased from dixons and did take out that cover they like to slap on but cancelled after a couple of months of having it :redface:

If I went back to Samsung I know they will want a payment just to even diagnose the fault, I am just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and what best course of action would be?
Take query up with Dixons who will probably laugh as I cancelled that coverTake it up with Samsung and see how much it will be to repairContact WHICH and see if I can maybe get any assistance with them as I know they like these sort of queries Any constructive comments welcome
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