Is Microsoft going to stop making games for Xbox 360?

Now that the xbox one is coming out, will Microsoft stop making new games for xbox 360? I know that Nintendo did this with their line of DSs and I don't want to buy an xbox one because I like the 360.
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do you think they will stop making games for xbox 360 anytime soon?

Because i have heard that ps3 is capable of more graphics and they will stop making games for xbox. A ps3 fanboy told me this.

What Programs can I use to make games for Xbox 360 ?

What Programs can I use to make games for Xbox 360 ? I know about Kudo program, but that's a kiddish program. I ... ops. Or a program thats easie to use and i could put like South Park and Family Guy people in the game. And I know about UDK but Can you make the games work for Xbox 360 ? HELP PLEASE?!

I really fancy making my own Xbox 360 game?

I know this sounds kind of stupid but i really think i could make a awesome Xbox 360 game, i have got so many ideas that i want make reality iam good at drawing and only if i could make computer games i think i could pull if of. How can i do this ? (by myself)

How can I get my Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad to work on my xbox 360?

How can I get my Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad to work on my xbox 360? This is the picture of my Gamepad connected to my Xbox 360. How can I get the controller to operate? Is there any mod or drivers I can install to my xbox? Thanks in advance.

Will they ever make a new xbox 360 hard drive?

... i got my xbox 360, i was hoping to get the white one but they didnt have those in new so i got a new xbox 360 slim. It was a 4GB hard drive and i didnt know about ... i always have to delete stuff to get something. Are they ever gonna make a new xbox 360 hard drive for the slims?cause 250gb seems way ...

make your own xbox 360 themes?

are you aloud to make your own xbox 360 themes? i know how to with Horizon but wil you get band for it?

not ps2 but why xbox original?

why they stop making games for xbox . and why sony does not discontinue ps2 as microsoft did to xbox , what was microsoft's problem about xbox , i know that xbox 360 appeared and it was better , but when ps3 came out sony did not discontinue ps2 ?

how do you make a modded xbox 360 controller?

I wanted to know how to make a rapidfire modded 360 controller without buying a kit.

Thinking of buying an xbox 360.?

... I? Right now I have a ps3, but most of my friends have a 360. There are xbox elites on ebay for under 200, so I'll prob get one ... , bout how many years till a new system comes out? Cuz when the new xbox comes out, you know they'll stop making games for the 360. I'd like to enjoy it for atleast 3 years. ...

Is there a way to make copies of Xbox 360 games without modding the hardware?

Is there a way to make copies of my Xbox 360 games without opening the console to make ANY mods to the hardware? I heard about a firmware that will install that will play the copied games.

Is there a way to make a Japanese Xbox 360 play American Movies?

... play a movie that was from America. Then i A on the disk thing on my Xbox 360 controller then it said something about "You can not play this ... . SOME1 PLEASE HELP ME! SO TEH QUESTION IS "IS THERE A WAY TO MAKE A XBOX 360 MADE IN JAPAN PLAY AMERICAN MOVIES???!!!" THANK YOU FOR TEH ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!! : ...

can we make backup of xbox 360 orignal CD's?plaese help?

hey ppl soo heres the deal i have a orignal xbox 360 dance CD that use to work on my CD but recently some thing hapened and it got srached realy badlly that my xbox cant read it but my pc can read the file...i tried to make the bakup or clone fot the disc but it cant be copied cause ...

Problem With Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel With Force Feedback Xbox 360(HELP)?

I Got A Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel. That Has Force Feedback. It Comes With The Wheel. Pedals. Cord From Pedals To ... Wheel) And There Is Force Pushing The Wheel To The Right. When I Go To Play A Racing Game(that supports the wheel) It still is turned to the left but the ...

Would this cable make an Xbox 360 Controller compatible with PCs? Would this cable make a wireless Xbox 360 controller function with a PC for gaming? Thanks.

How to make an original Xbox 360 output to HDMI?

... first XBOX 360 (white CD plate, white body) and after about a year or ... only inputs for my monitor are DVI and HDMI, neither of which are on my XBOX. Now just to answer this quickly before anyone points it ... HD component into HDMI, or a plug for my X360 that would make it accept HDMI? Any answers/ideas ...

How I can make my XBOX 360 SLIM 250GB PAL runs NTSC as well?

Lately I've bought a XBOX 360, it only runs PAL games, I've just bought a game from Ebay which only works on NTSC XBOX 360, I am wondering if it's possible to make my PAL XBOX 360 RUN NTSC? if there is a way I would be thankful.

Well game stop take my old xbox 360?

I have an xbox 360 with one ring of death and its says e 73. I want to know if game stop would take it like it is for a trade in i dont want alot of money just something

What would make a good xbox 360 commerical?

I want to make an xbox 360 commerical for Film & Television at school. I need ideas. Here are the restrictions, it can only be 30 seconds long, I have limited resources at my disposal and it really needs to sell Xbox 360. Summary: I want ideas for an Xbox 360 commercial within the restrictions.

Any Consumer Electronic Shows held in United Kingdom?

Are there any Consumer Electronics Shows like the CES held in Europe especially England? If yes what month are they held in?

Will Microsoft return my game back if it is stuck in the xbox 360 because it stopped working?

Well i recently sent my xbox 360 to microsoft to get it fixed because it stopped working, like every time i will turn it on it will turn on then turn right back ... to send it in but my "Call of Duty Black Ops" is in it will they send me back my game since its not my fault its stuck in ...

where to buy the best and cheap consumer electronics in Riyadh?

where to buy the best and cheap consumer electronics (TV, Refrigerator, Washer, Aircondition....etc) in Riyadh, K.S.A

Will it ever happen when people stop making CD's?

I don't want that to happen. I still buy CD's all the time. IDK about you, but the ipod is terrible. I don't want to buy my songs off of itunes because I woudn't trust the douches. Will it ever happen when people stop making CD's?

How can I get my iphone to stop making a sound every time I get an email?

Every time I receive an email my iphone makes a little noise to notify me, even when it's on silent. I got yelled at in gymnastics for it today. How can I make it stop making any sounds? I get A LOT of email, so this is really annoying.

If I opened up my Xbox 360 console, can I still send it to microsoft for repairs?

My xbox 360 disk tray is causing me a lot of trouble. To start, if there is no ... and remove the disk tray to see if anything was broken. nothing seemed to be out of place but it was still giving me the same problems. Now I want to know if I can send the xbox to microsoft after i opened it up? (The ...