Dana 44 Rear End?

I have a 1992 Corvette, it has the knob inside you can switch to performance, sport, or cruise I think it is. Anyhow, how do I know if it has a Dana 44 Rear End?
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Torsen Differentials for Dana Rear Ends?

... the clutch type posi assembly for a Dana 36 or 44 rear end. Has anyone ever seen this in use? Here's a link if I'm not being clear: http://www.torsen.com ... clutches to wear out, no friction modifiers to add to the rear end lube. This is the stock set up in vehicles as different as Audis and Hummers.

If you've dropped the rear end and/or the tranny I have a question about the C beam ~ please read

... I can't get the bolt holes on the C beam to line up with the Dana rear end. I've got one bolt through the tranny on the front (not ... mod but not at this time. I just want to get the C beam installed & finish putting the rear suspension back together. Any help/suggestions will be appreciated. tuband

Gm srvc bulletins on 2006 c6 rear ends??

... noticed a clunking noise in my rear end...I had heard about an issue ... the car until this is resolved???...The srvc tech at the dlr knew what it was as soon as I mentioned it ... around coreres....especially in reverse...going slow.....should I ask to have the rear end replaced??.....its under warranty

Rear End Noise

... seem to have the problem with clunking noise on turning. Took it to the Dealer, they've never had this problem before, and it doesn't appear to be part of TSB on rear end. Does anyone have any possible idea what it might be, Dealer called their tech dept. Waiting on answer.

Rear End Fluid Replacement

... to dealership for oil change and clumking from rear. Service tech is ordering new O-ring and will call when it comes in so they can change rear end fluid. I ... and cover, and doing some slow figure eights; however, service tech indicated that they might need to remove the left axle to reach ...

HELP!!! wrecked vette, rear end hit hard, clutch started slipping

... that the rear end is completely tied to the clutch and an impact on the rear end could easily cause damage to the clutch. I'm hoping that someone from GM tech support, or anyone for that matter, will read this and provide me with some proof or evidence ...

Rear end Education needed

What is the significant difference between a DANA 36 and a DANA 44 rear end? Why does the power go to the wheel that has no traction in the snow? Unfortunately my vette is my only car for the time being so my vette does it's best to be a snowmobile. :confused:

Considering moving uo to 3.73 rear end gears, what's your opinion

I presently have the factory installed 3.45 rear end gears in my 94 but i was encouraged to consider moving up to 3.73 ... to improve my acceleration my question is: will do so make any noticable difference in my cars overall performance and what kind of MPG difference will i notice? will my freeway MPG ...

Advice rear end swap

... G92, RPO G44 3.07 auto pumpkin (from an early 90's vette)to replace the current Dana 36 2.59 in my Auto 89. Advise please Can I use the rest of my current rear-end to complete the swap, and are there any foreseeable problem's? Updated speedo gear, number of teeth required?. ...

tranny and rear-end performance upgrade questions.

I am planning on having a new tranny/rear-end put in. Thinking about 3.73. Questions: should I get a shift kit? (86 , auto) , and what questions should I be asking the guy who is going to rebuild it? Any particular brand of parts I should demand?

Anybody change thier rear end fluid lately ?

What size hex key do I need for the drain plug on a Dana 36 ? Last time I filled the rear end I didn't have the right size and used a friend's, should have went out and bought one then :smash: thanks

Engine/rear end from '95 Caprice Classic into '85 Vette?

Hey everyone, This is probably a stretch, but here goes... I'm looking at a '85 that needs an engine and a rear end. The car has a Dana 44 in it right now, and the owner wants ... swap the '95 Caprice LT1 into the Corvette. Also, what about the rear end? Are they interchangable? Thanks! VtVette

is a reverse shot worse for a rear end than a forward shot?

I wondered if spinning the tires in reverse is worse for the rear than spinning them going forward? I spun my tires backing into a parking spot this weekend & blew my rear end (dana 36). I have spun my tires in reverse alot of times with no issues. :confused: :sad:

rear end difference

... into my 1985? got this diff from a warrnty job, customer stated his rear diff was howling, and insisted it was the diff, and wanted a new one, the tech said its a rear hub bearing, but he changed the rear end as a assembly, noise was still there, so ...


... changed the rear end from a D36 to a D44 /w Dana 4.10 gear set. Saw on ... do is drill new holes thru the old "C" bar on tranny end, very cool, almost bought a new one for $250, thanks ... the factory was thinking when they put all that bondo type stuff on both ends of "C" bar ? Harmonic Vibrations maybe ? ...

410 rear end, Kinda long

... just got my 96 lt4 back, It now has a dana 44 with 4 10 gears, I just drove it ( to start in the break in process ) and I noticed ... I let the car decelerate without using the brake, its not very noticable but its there, is this normal for a new rear end or should I be worried? I baught the rear end ...

Changing rear end fluid, and some brake bleeding questions

... it go faster I thought it would be time for some good routine maintanence. First will be the fluid in the rear end. My question is does the DANA 44 have a drain plug, if so where? I was gonna try to go with Mobil 1 synthetic when I put it back. I assume ...

Rear End Decision Help

... post workshop, the problem was revealed. The rear end came apart. The case is still good, ... . I have found 3 companies that offer gears for the dana 36, precision gear, richmond ... . Are there any others that offer good gears for the dana 36? Which do you guys recommend? I would like something considerably ...

Rear End for my '94 LT1

Nugget corvette guy has reviewed various forum opinions on 3.73 rear end. Considering change for my LT1 (auto, currently with 3.07). Don't ... , I'm leaning towards a rebuilt differential instead of gears - Dana 44? Thanks very much for any rear end modification opinions for my car.

Rear end change. What years are the same?

... posted once, but I didn't see the answer, and I can't find it. I might have to change out many parts of my rear end because of it being rear ended. It is a 90. I have heard ... Toe adjustment rods? Did the underside body change at all.. besides the bumper support? Sorry I don't know all the tech. ...

RE: Noise in rear end

I have a 86 with a whinny rear end. I replaced the rear end with one I got off ebay. it's a dana 36 that whinnes when you let off and coast. I'm looking to take the whole thing into a good shop. the trouble is I don't know of a good place to ...

Need advice on rear end

... ). Just want to change ring and pinion not pumpkin because I want to keep the original Dana 44 that came with the car as I have all other original parts. Any opinions? Also need a reference for a reputable rear end shop in New York preferably around the Hudson Valley area.

swapping out rear end & need some help

Question from my buddy helping me swap out my 2.59 gears for a Dana 36 3.07,....anyone know if the rear end can be changed by leaving the rear end cover bracket assembly in place. Not sure if the cover interchanges. If not it will be a lot more work ...

rear end tech,,,,, Has anyone done this?????

Guys I just found a set of rear end gears from a salvage yard, they are 3.45's, The housing is broken, I spun the yoke in circles and all the gear teeth is there and it is in really good shape...... seeing in how the housing is broken,,, if I wanted to just change out ...