Body feels really stiff and sore?

So for the past few days, nearly my whole body has felt sore, and a few parts are really stiff (mainly my neck, shoulders, legs, and sometimes fingers). My gym is closed for renovations so i haven't been able to workout in about a week, so i don't think it is due to working out. I was planning on going today since it just reopened but i still feel like this. I have been drinking a lot of water, but that hasn't helped at all. I have tried just taking it easy and resting in bed for a few days, but that hasn't done anything.
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Why do I wake up stiff and sore every morning?

... get out of bed every single morning. My legs are achingly sore, my arms, my neck, my whole entire body is just stiff and sore every morning as I wake up. Im 20 years old, is this normal?? does anyone know why my body is so sore and aching in the morning? I feel like an old person.

Why does my body feels sore After training?

Last Friday I got football practice after football my body feels sore so the next day I got Wing Chun practice witch makes my body even more painful. The back of my leg pains and my ribs. If this is needed. While We were training in Wing Chun ...

Left body feels weak. back a little stiff and pressure in the left side of my around my ear.?

also both my temples are achey. Left side of my head some times feels like someones driping water one it. Im 16 years old. I have a spacer ... worried oh and I have lots of stress and things on my mind. Left body feels weak. back a little stiff and pressure in the left side of my head around my ear? *

Woke up coughing and body feeling stiff and aching?

I woke up this morning and my body is aching badly and it feels really stiff. And now Im coughing more often than usual. I didnt eat breakfast because I had no appetite for food so i just had some coffee... What is wrong with my body??

I seriously need help... My body feels very weak and my head hurts. Help? More info inside..?

... today I woke feeling really bad, with a runny nose and I'm not if it was also a sore throat because ... . Luckily, I got home with no problem but still feeling horrible. My whole body feels really weak. My head is the worse, It feels like it's on fire, like if I shake it hurts. So what do you is wrong ...

Body is extremely stiff after accident, what can I do?

... me. I don't have any serious injuries (bruises and a chipped tooth) but I feel extremely stiff over my whole body (especially arms, back and shoulders). Is there anything I can do to help this? Pain killers, resting, not resting...? I really appreciate all ...

Sore achy muscles and bones, teeth and eyes hurt, low on energy, stressed out, sad....?

... feel body feels pretty stiff. My eyes are sore ... hurt even though nothing's wrong with them, and I'm always always low on energy. I never feel like getting out of bed or going out anymore...even someplace fun like the spa gets no reaction from me. I'm 18, feeling kinda sad. I feel a bit ...

Why do my ankles and legs feel so stiff and sore?

I workout Monday - thursday weights and I play basketball weekends but my ankles feel really tight and stiff and my legs feel stiff and weird and I can't run as fast I feel slower why is this? What can I do to help it best answer gets points

Any reason why i've been feeling sore?

I've just turned 14 and I've been feeling quite stiff and sore. It's been happening for a while. I ride my bike to and from school and play flag football (recently) there. I also do push-ups, sit-ups, and run on Fridays at school. Nothing more to it (I don't ...

why do my legs hurt/feel so stiff and what can i do about it?

... runner so i know that the pain im feeling is not soreness. my legs feel really stiff and stuff. its ... weird and odd because i dont know why they hurt and feel so stiff. now that cross country season ... degree weather. does the temperature have to do with anything? and my legs feel stiff all day long, ...

Why would my body feel so old in my early 20s?

... bed in the morning. Even if I get enough sleep, I'm dizzy or my body is really stiff and hurts everywhere, even my bones ... but never kep up with it for more than 2 wks at a time because I was still feeling like this in the morning. What else could it be? Might this be a symptom of being too acidic? ...

Stiffness in chest/collarbone/neck area

... then I'll move my body a certain way and I'll hear a small "click" and then I feel fine. On my left side for a few days I've felt like there's something sharp and stabbing me in my collarbone when I move, and overall my upper body feels really stiff. it feels like I maybe slept wrong, but it's ...

My body feels VERY heavy?

It feels very heavy!! I am sick with a sinus and ear infection and a viral infection and ... house making me sick and were moving in 2 weeks. We are going back to the clinic because I feel like there is water in my ears and my sinues have a lot of pressure. Why does my body feel SO heavy like my arms. ...

hot skin, wierd body feeling, stomach pain, and tierdness?

... it came back during the day and it still hurts. while i was eating tonight my body got really hot, face and everything and im still hot just not as bad. the inside of my body feels like its tingling or something around that its hard to explain, my body just feels terrible ...

Body feels shaky... Anyone know what this might be?

My body feels really shaky but nothing is actually shaking or twitching on the outside. It is all inside.. I feel it the most in my back... I dnt drink coffee all i drink is water. Lately i havent been doing much but laying around.. No exercise other than cleaning every now ...

Why does your body feel tender/bruised after drinking?

After a night of drinking along with the normal hangover symptoms my body feels really tender to to the touch, as ... no information on this if you google it! I know it can't be that uncommon, because all my roommates have said they feel the same thing after a night out. If anyone could explain it that ...

Is anyone else really stiff and sore from L4/L5/S1 spinal fusion?

I had spinal fusion on L4/L5/S1 for Spondylolisthesis about 18 months ago and I am still really stiff and sore around the site. By this I mean that i am not able to bend over, sit up straight, sit down or stand up without some kind of pain. When I have ...

Why is it when I breathe my body feels like it got shocked?

When I am a sleep I try to breathe and when I do my whole body feels like it got shocked hard like electric shock feeling.

My tongue feels really bumpy and sore after eating sugary sweets?

Why does my tongue feels bumpy and quite sore after eating sugary sweets? On Friday night I had a packet of Strawberry laces coated in sugar but after sucking the sugar off my tongue felt really bumpy. It's now Sunday and I still have the bumpy sore tongue. Help?

4. In health, body parts interact to maintain homeostasis. Illness can threaten the maintenance of homeostasis?

4. In health, body parts interact to maintain homeostasis. Illness can threaten the maintenance of homeostasis, requiring treatment. What treatments might be used to help control a patient’s (a) body temperature, (b) blood oxygen level, and (c) blood glucose level?

How come when you lay down,Your Body feels ALOT more better then Before you Laid down?

Well...Before I go to sleep,I'm 13 I'd like to know,Why does the Body feel alot more better then it does before it lays down on a bed..I've just experienced that just know and i've been wondering about it.THanks

My body feels like it will give out?

When I go running, which I am trying to make it every day now, my body feels like it is going to give out. I'm thinking it may be because I'm tired from the run since it usually occurs when I am coming to the end of my run. Is it bad that I don't seem to feel my body too much when I run?

How do you get rid of a stiff body? Or any stiff muscle?

I've started to dance recently and I noticed my body is REALLY stiff. My friends said if I just stretch and only stretch a lot, I'll begin to get more flexible, but it seems like it's more than that. Is there a certain food that will help me? Or a ...

Does the brain feels as if it is taking something to make the body feel better?

Does the brain feels as if it is taking medication to make the body feel better, then the mind starts to believe that its actually feeling better? even if its a placebo?