rear bumper removal????

I am trying to remove the rear bumper from my 1990 325iC cabrio (steel style/Diving board) and I can't seem to get the damn thing off! On the drivers side I can see where the bumper support mounts to the bumper and getting to those bolts shouldn't be too difficult but the problem is on the passenger side of the car. I can only see one bolt for the bumper mount?? it looks like the other side is totally not accessable. I don't know if anyone knows how to remove this style bumper but if you do, please let me know!!!


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e30 rear bumper

Can any one tell me if there is any difrance between a converabail and normal chrome rear bumper and back panel (I THINK THE BACK PANEL IS DIFFERNT) I can not find where to get them from any where any help Pleaese if any one has got one call me on 07725990247 cash waiting

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... manual and my Bentley manual on how to remove an e30 bumper.. they're both full of practically worthless information! Maybe IX bumpers are different, but I can't seem to figure out how to remove it! If anybody could tell me how or where to look to figure it out, THAT WOULD BE GREAT! ...

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I'm trying to determine if the E30 rear subframe will bolt right in to my E21. Can someone tell me the span of the rear subframe ... bolts. On my E21 rear subframe the span is 47.25" thanks anyone? you don't need to remove the subframe. just measure the distance between mounting bolts on your car.

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I want to get a Reiger rear bumper for my E30 2 door and I have been looking around but I only found some low quality pictures nothing that shows detail and fitment. Any one with the rear bumper and maybe Reiger skirts that can post some pics will be much appreciated!

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It in the classifieds but i figured not all of you are over there alot so here goes...Im wanting a stock plastic rear bumper for my E30 318is. I will trade anyone my MTECH 2 for there exceltent condition stock one straight up minus shipping.

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I am looking at a 91 318is but the rear bumper looks weird to me. I thought the newer e30s had the painted plastic bumpers. This bumper looks like a painted version of what on my 84 318. Should it look like that?

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these are the current stock parts for E30`s 84 through 91 Infinity front bumper $450 shipped (w/out fogs -ground shipping) Optional:OEM E46 M3 fog lights set w/connectors and rings $165 Infinity -I Rear bumper $450 shipped (ground shipping) Infinity-1side skirts ...

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What is the best looking rear bumper for the e30's. I have been looking but havnt seen any i like. If any body has any in mind they like throw me the website. Cause i am looking in getting one. Thanks Spilner

FS rear bumper (rieger syle)...

i have the rear bumper apron (rieger style) for $300 plus shipping from z.c.91724 the weight its only 12 pounds and its a great add on for the e30 and have a good upgrade... my cel phone is (626) 915 9974 and my e mail is: thanks and here are the pics...

For Sale: Aplinewhite II plastic rear bumper (Price lowered)

I've got an Alpinewhite II rear plastic bumper for an 88-91 body style E30. This bumper is a ... -on for 88 model year cars with the aluminum bumpers, and will mount on the pre-88 model year E30, but heavy modification IS required. Includes bumper trim and shocks, does not include sidemarkers. Pics are ...

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Rear bumper and trunk on a BMW 320i 1988 As you can see on the pictures I need a new rear bumper and a new trunk. But I dont know what kind of parts that fits. As you also can see from the pictures my car is a 320i 88` and its a coupè (only 2doors). So, what kind of rear bumper and trunk fits my car? Thanks

Just bought my first BMW, 325 vert

I just bought my first BMW about a week ago. It's an '89 325 convertible automatic with 175,000 miles on ... . I'm looking forward to learning about the car and getting ideas from others on this site. Mods so far include: -Pushed in front and rear bumpers -Removed big square Bosch foglights and wired up ...

Need a rear bumper

I'm looking for a rear bumper for my 89 e30, if you has the trim and the side lights that would be cool too. Hopefully i can get a black one, if not that's fine, i would need it shipped will pay.

1991 E30 325ic brake problems

... to bleed the brakes with another person (old way). The pedal has nothing, to the floor. I have a 1991 E30, HELP!!! this car had brakes before (although not the greatest) I was actually fishing for a remedy, the rear passenger side would not bleed that is why I disconnected the lines ...

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Is there a DIY procedure to remove the rear deck on my 318is. Trying to get my rear window tinted but the third brake light is in the way

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I while back I bought a e30 rear badge from someone here and I can not seem to find the email or pm. I did a search and still can not find it. It was a rear badge the said e30 in place of the 325is. Anyone know who sold these, or where to find them?

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somebody here has a 87is that they are going to part out. they want to know how much i am willing to pay for the front valance the fog lights that fit it and the db rear bumper? i really only need the rear bumper and the foglights.