coupe rear hatch/trunk adjustment

i have noticed that on the drivers side when i open the hatch/trunk the rubber gasket that seals the glass "rubs" the roof and it looks like if it keeps doing it that it is going to tear it. Does anyone know if there is an adjustment on the hinge or something so it will not get any worse.
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Coupe rear hatch adjustment??

The drivers side corner of my coupes rear hatch is raised slightly higher than the side fender and rear fascia. Only about 1/16 inch, but enough to notice it ... the rear of the vehicle. The passenger side is dead on. I'm sure it's not the adjustable bump stop since there is downward play in ...

Rear Hatch/Trunk Button Part #??

Can anyone confirm the part# for the rear hatch/trunk release button over the license plate that stick? I found the following in an old thread. "The old P.N. was 89023924, so maybe P.N. 10349807 is new and improved???" (I have a 2005 vert) I have read all ...

Converting hardtop to coupe rear hatch?

... anybody has converted their hardtop rear hatch to the coupe rear hatch. I personally like the looks of the coupe much better, but as you know, you cannot get a Z06 that way. I haven't looked up close at both models, so I don't know if it's even physically possible. Thanks, Jason

coupe rear hatch stay open thing

Howdy all. Anyone with a coupe ever try one of those rear hatch stay open thingamabobs? I'm talking about those hungadungas that are supposed to reduce turbulence with the top off. Do they work? Thanks Mike

Coupe Rear Hatch Rattle

... latch and the hatch and there was no rattle so I'm sure it's a situation where the rear hatch is moving up and down in the latch mechanism as I hit the tracks. I've got the service manual and there isn't much adjustment in the latch positioning. I've tried moving it as low as possible but ...

Coupe rear hatch won't open.

1998 coupe. Reached work today AM and the hatch won't open. I can hear the rear hatch motor grind when I hit ... console or the key FOB but only the right section of the hatch pops up. The left section ... for both ends that I can pull to force the hatch open and I will try that tonight to investigate ...

Rear Hatch closing adjustments

I have to open both doors in order to close the rear hatch. The right side corner seems to be hanging up someplace since it needs a healthy slam to close. Otherwise my "hatch ajar" message comes on. How can you adjust? I'm afraid that one day I'll slam it down and shatter the gla$$.

c5 coupe rear hatch vents

I am looking for comments regarding the rear hatch vents available that raise the rear hatch window about 1.5 inches to provide flow through ventilation. Do these things work? Is there a danger of breaking the glass? Thanks.

Z06 rear hatch

any word on why they stopped making the old z06 top and switched to the top that is same as coupe? only thing more obnoxious than the coupes rear hatch is the same hatch on the z06. I cant believe i am actually considering to not upgrade due to the hatch.

rear hatch delamination

... yesterday to tell me that they made a deal with the dealership to repair the hatch. They say they will do it for 50% off the normal price. My argument is still this. They give any other GM car or ... to an arbitrator. I still say to everyone check your coupe rear hatch. There was a TSB on this problem ...

Rear Hatch Pops Open

I have a problem. A few times a week my 96 coupe rear hatch will pop open after sitting for a few hours. It did it to me while driving in a parking lot today. You ... as though you pushed the release button then boingggg the rear glass goes up. Also the security light will come on ...

Rear Hatch Adjustment?

Has anyone here ever had to adjust the rear hatch on their coupe? Mine has gotten very hard to shut, even with the doors open or windows down, the passenger side will not latch without a VERY hard SLAM! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!

Question about rear hatch on brand new 08 Coupe

I have a brand new 08 Coupe. When I close the rear hatch, I need to lower it until it is touching and then push on it a bit. When I push on it, there is some self closing feature that takes the hatch down and secures it. I can't close it by gently closing it like the door, if ...

Auto Hatch/Trunk Wont

... Just got my C 6 Vert and I love it... My Owners Manual.Hatch/Trunk "closing the rear Compartment. when closing the lid on eather the coupe or Vert. lower the rear compartment lid until the power pull feather activates??? HELP mind wont do this, is ...

Who actually use's the rear hatch handle?

There is a handle on the inside of the rear hatch to grab and close the trunk. HONESTLY, who uses it.... or do you just grab the top of your trunk, or do you grab your spoiler. I really try to use mine but I always forget! Just wondering what you guys do. I say only 1/20 ...

Qick & simple fix to drooping rear hatch window trim

I own a 2008 Corvette Coupe, and, like other members who have posted a thread regarding the rear hatch window molding coming loose and drooping ... each side. The molding joins together in the upper center of the rear hatch window.You will see the fixed railing that the molding ...

Rear Hatch not pulling down?

... a 2006 coupe. I normally close the rear hatch by letting it down slowing and then push it ... close, the latch pull down would then pull the hatch down to the close position however I have noticed that ... display. When I drive it home and try to close the hatch again, it would work just fine. This problem ...

Rear Hatch Squeak

Has anyone had this problem ? Now that it's cold, everytime I go over uneven surfaces or a speedbump, the rear hatch will squeak loudly. I tried adjusting the rubber bump stops and lubing the weatherstripping with silicone grease. The problem is still there. Any ideas ?

Where can I get a new Rear Hatch Cover?

Anyone know of a catalog or someplace where I can get a replacement rear Hatch Cover? I bought my C6 with a few miles on it and the prior owner hosed up the one that came from The General. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Rear Hatch Grab Handle

... just got my car out of storage (2010 Grand Sport coupe JSB) and noticed while cleaning that there isn't a grab handle for the rear hatch. The slot is in the same location as my 2007 coupe but there isn't anything to grab onto. Did something get missed on my car? I either have to grab ...

oops...problem developing in rear hatch area

Just noticed that the rear hatch lid is hitting the carpet at the back top of the trunk area. This is occuring on both sides and is rubbing/wearing the carpet. Presently 13k miles. Its just a matter of time until the carpet will wear thru. Appears to be a design or ...

Rear Hatch Apron (Bib)

... my nylon/quilted rear hatch apron (bib) by C5Creations on my '06 coupe. I ordered it thru Corvette Central. The ... area neatly and can hardly be seen. I haven't tried it yet but it looks like the apron will easily cover the coupe roof when it is in the back. Apron also has another set of ...

Vert rear hatch

... and past the 500-mile "break-in" miles. My biggest question is: Does the rear hatch on verts automatically cinches down when you close it, just like on the coupe? The Owner's Manual says on both coupes and convertibles, the rear hatch will cinch down, and all you need ...

rear hatch auto (no) pull down

My 06 coup with 2400 miles has started an annoying habit. About half the time when I close the rear hatch the electric pul down feature does not work. I have to push down hard to latch it. Other times it works normally. I know this is a warranty issue, just wondering if any ...