Aspire 9302 BIOS Flash - right method?

I have an Aspire 9302 WSMi. I ran the Windows BIOS flash (to upgrade to 1.20). After a short while, my laptop powered off and then would not start again.

The screen is black. Power comes on, and the CD drive starts up, but nothing.

I have read various instructions for the Insyde BIOS and the Phoenix BIOS, but it is all rather confusing. I have a Phoenix BIOS.

The files listed in the Acer download are:
- mam_v120.rom
- mam_v120.wph
- PHLASH16.exe
- MyalM.bat

The batch file seems to check battery and AC power and then run PHLASH16.exe.

My question is how to do all of this. I have tried putting all of the files on a CD, and starting the machine while pressing Fn-ESC, but to no avail. Some people have said that you need a .FD file, but I have not found one.

What files do I need on what device, and do I just then Fn-ESC and hope?
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