Multiple Public IPs to single interface on ASA?

Hi All - Here is our situation - We want to have the ability to assign two public IPs to a single interface on an ASA. We're going to be using it for SSL VPN, and we want the ability to have a somewhat redundant connectivity for our traveling users.

We don't need automatic failover or anything like that - We have the 2 ISPS, each with a pool of static addresses. We've created and A records, and pointed them to one static IP on each of the ISPs pools. We now need to create, I guess, multiple static NATs, one for each ISP, to the single interface on the ASA. Is something like this possible?

Here is the setup:

ISP 1 and ISP 2
Separate FA ports on a Juniper Firewall (SSG 350)
DMZ Switch on Untrust port of Juniper (Cisco 2960)

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