Fuse Box Diagram - 2007 550i

Where can I get a copy of the fuse box diagram for a 2007 550i? It is not in the toolkit in the trunk as noted in the owners manual.
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front fuse box diagram

I need a diagram of the front fuse box in a 550i. Although the model shouldnt make a diffrence it should be the same for all e60's. Someone switched a fuse around and i need to know were all the fuses go since i now all the slots wernt filled. Any help would be appreciated thanks

ModBargains | E60 Cusco OS Type Strut Brace

... install Cusco Strut Brace for your E60. Product Detail The Cusco Type OS ... Cusco Blue for a unique appearance. Improve your E60's handling with this simple bolt-on, ... end plates Applications BMW 2004-2009 E60 5 Series ... 528i/530i/535i/545i/550i) For orders placed online put "KEVIN@BF.C" ...

E61 fuse diagram

Help! My trunk mounted fuse diagram shows pictograms, fuse amperage and fuse number (87, 88 in this case). But does not show where on the fuse box those fuses are located. Am I missing something? I've checked both sides of card and owners manual.

Fuse box index

Hi Guys, My E60 is a german vesion, so the Fuse box index that is found the truck is in German, I wonder if you could take a picture of your fuse box index (English Version) and post it so I can easily find the exact fuse. Many Thanks Regards, Bakhtiyar

2009 E60 535i ... shuts off when engine running

2009 E60 535. Hit a large puddle the other day. Now the car shuts off after it has been running for not too long. IE, if it is started and driven about 1000ft, it shuts off and the check engine light comes on.

BMW 530i Xdrive E60 fuel supply

Hi I´m interested in BMW fuel supply. Car model BMW 530i Xdrive E60 engine N53. See the link there is picture about scavenging line front pipe. http://realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?...50&hg=16&fg=15 What is purpose of this scavenging line pipe? It is ...

E60/E61 Xi Automatics

... me some feedback on the Automatic Transmissions in the AWD E60/E61 platform?? I am driving an E39 Touring and would like to buy the newer Touring platform. ... of mind of All Wheel Drive would be a plus but the last thing I want is to have an E61 roadside with a bad transmission; leaving ...

Engine part code 2009 E60 LCI

I have a 2009 E60 LCI 520d and I have a small leakage at a flexible tube. I tried searching for the part number but I couldn't find it. I attached a link picture of an engine very similar to mine and circled the part. If anyone can help me with the part code I will be very grateful ...

Fuse panel diagram

'04 BMW 530i E60 None of my cigarette lighters work, I think its a fuse... Ive located the panel but with no diagram... any suggestions?

2008 550i Fuse Diagram

Hey guys, I am new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone knows where can i find the fuse diagram for the 2008 550i. I was trying to make some changes and i think i blew out the lighter fuse. I know where the fuse box is, but didnt find any diagram. Please help. Thanks,

2004 530i abs light

... the auction. It is a 530i 2004 model with 81700 miles. I took it to a BMW garage and they ... what sort of damage is there to the car. I bought a 2004 530i from an auction. I drove home ... ok. Today the ABS indicator came on (Yellow). Any idea what it could be. I checked the fuse boxes just in case to ...

BMW E60 520I 2004 - Low RPM Problem

Hi Guys Dont know if anybody can help but i have very unusual problem with my BMW. I bought e60 about 3 weeks ago, having previously owned e39 for 8 years. The e60 had a problem when bought it, engine was rattling a lot, different mechanics were suspecting ...

Reliability of BMW 5 Series (525i or 545i)

... I am the current owner of a 2004 BMW 325i and have owned it since 2010. I really have enjoyed owning a BMW and would like ... have any recommendations, warnings, concerns, etc. I would be very appreciative if you shared them. Also, have you enjoyed your E60/E61? Comfortable driving experience? Have ...

2004 530i E60 Starting problem after replacing battery

Hi, I searched extensively but could not find an answer to my problem. I have a BMW 530i 2004, and the battery seemed to have died today. The car started a bit slower, then in the afternoon, didn't start, and the lights ...

known issue? e60/ e61 front brake caliper

Hello. My 2007 530 wagin e61 is heading to the dealer for its 5th trip in as many months. Among ... . After 4 trips (5th scheduled) for brake issues (+ more), I'm about to punt unless someone can tell me BMW knows how to fix this problem. It sounds like the front caliper mounting ...

Alignment Specs (E60/E61 spt and non spt)

New to the boards but not new to BMW's.... This is my first build on a E6x platform and doing the alignment on the E61 build I'm finishing up on tomorrow. Just thought I'd share the info I found from '05 Mitchell International for ...

WeissLicht LED Angel Eye V2 for Pre-LCI E60 (V1 vs V2 comparison)

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Bmw wheels oem 116 with snow tires

These wheels fit 2004-2009 bmw 5 series they are oem bmw 116.they have dunlap snow tires on them. Email me for pictures johncon717@aol.com or call 914-447-8648 asking 850.00 will take best offer or trade for 535xi wheels.

What type of E BMW do I have?

I just got a used 2004 530i and I keep seeing on these forums E60/E61. What does that mean and how do I know which one I have? Thanks

parting out 2006 e60 550i

... out a 2006 e60 550i the car had 19k miles on it heres a list of what i still have rear bumper, left side ... windshield washer spray nozzle, transmission module, calipers, water valve, fuse box, integrated module supply, ... pedal, gateway body module, rear fuse box, door sensor, fuel tank ...

BMW Assist issues E60

I have a 2009 550 that I bought preowned. I signed up for the BMW Assist services, activated my ... one database, the previous owners names is in another, then I am told they are now both in my name . . . and it still says I am not enrolled? BMW Assist says I am enrolled, they are puzzled, "they have ...

E60,61,63 & E64 Battery Cable Recalll

Hello All, spotted this and thought I would bring it here. BMW Recall – 5 and 6-Series – E60 E61 E63 E64, Battery Cable BMW is performing a recall on various E60 and E61 (5-series 04-11, 525i, 525xi, 530i, 530xi, 535d, 545i, 550i, M5), E63 and E64 (6-series 04-12, 645ci, 650i, ...

How Common are all those Engine Leaks?

... of engine leak possibilites...especially the V8's. Sooooo..just for grins I checked the other Forums (such as the E60, D61, 2004 - 2009), and guess what?...it reads ... are greater than $1000 to stop all the leaks). How come BMW didn't fix that?? Is this still true on the newest models??

2009 535i left side fuel cracked stem

... , from the base of the stem going up. The unit still works properly, so I have read 2004-2008 E60 having recalls on fuel unit and warranty being extended to 100k miles ... the foul unit? Does this justify a defective fuel unit? I called several BMW dealers and still no answer(s)...