Zactly 3D biplane - Free plan

Hi Chaps,

Have attached some photies of my new profile bipe - ZACTLY 3D designed & drawn by Michael Ramsey (don't know if he ever actually built it ?), a free plan from hppt://

I built an 85% version using 5mm Depron

Wingspan 27.8"
LOA 31.9"
AUW 12.6 oz.
Wing area approx 340 sq. ins - 2.36 sq. ft.
Wing loading 5.3 oz. / sq.ft.
Engine - STRONG RC double stator 22.7mm outrunner - 24 AWG x 13T direct drive, backmount. kv 1061
Prop GWS 9 x 5 HD - 7800 rpm WOT 8.86 amps. Pitch speed 37 mph / 59 Km/h. Thrust 19.57 oz. / 555.8g
Batt: Tornado 3S Lipo 1600 mAh 10-12C (103g)

With any luck, maiden tomorrow - will let you know how I get on !

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