Mixing diet pills with atkins diet...

Salutes to my Atkineers!!! Well, I have been doing great. I guess my co-workers are starting to notice. I am starting to notice my shirts are getting looser and some of my shirts have the stretch marks on them from when I would stretch them with my fatter stomach... ouch!!!

ANyway, one fo my co-workers asked me about the Diet. She said she has the book so I told her to read it. It will really give you and explain to you how this works. Well, then she said she is going to do the Atkins Diet and take some Diet pills na dmaybe she will lose weight faster. I told her it was not a good idea. The she asked me why not? So I didn't know what to tell her.

WOuldn't diet pills help you burn fat faster? or maybe the ingredienta in them are not good? IDK. ANyone know what I could tell her?

I told her to give ATkins a try without them and I could help her with support.
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