Can I boot from PQSERVICE to restore?

My travelmate 7510 has two partitions, one PQSERVICE (FAT32) 7.81 GB and the other C: (NTFS) 66.71 GB. I want to restore the laptop to factory settings due to conflicts on the Laptop. Some Windows updates the laptop tries to download and impliment are for XP, not Vista which the OS actually is.

I cannot use alt-F10, I cannot access Erecovery and I assume my only hope is using the PQSERVICE in some way. I have downloaded EAEUS partition manager and it has an option to "Set Active" the PQSERVICE partition, would this work? Is it too risky or has someone out there with a much greater knowledge that could point me in the right direction to get the factory defaults restored.

Thanks in advance.

Edit- I do have the empowering technology facility on the laptop but there is no Erecovery widget available, its not listed. Can I get it listed (as in, is it hidden anywhere, is it recoverable?)
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