Balistic Technology Stealth REFLEX XTR Model

Balistic Technology Stealth REFLEX XTR

Heavily upgraded LMH 120 Corona Fixed Pitch
Balistic Tech maked carbon fibre upgrade parts for the LMH 120 Corona. My heli is 98% BT. In fact only the rotor head and tail spider remain from the original heli.
The heli is powered with a Hacker C40-12s and 5000 mah Tanic Lipos

This Reflex XTR model flies very much like my real bird. Enjoy!
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hay i want to use models from reflex xtr in aerofly pro deluxe how can i do that??????? is there a program that can do it?? i want the pitts S-2C from kyosho that reflex have in my aerofly pro deluxe please how can i do it?????? thanks alot

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ANNOUNCING: W3 Reflex XTR model- Vertigo

The W3 Group is proud to announce the availability of the Mougel Vertigo for Reflex XTR. This 3D foamy sports a sleek look with fantastic flight characteristics. This model is available for free download from

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hi can someone post where i can find a t-rex, hummingbird v2 and zoom for reflex xtr? also, you know with reflex, do i just still control the certain model with the parameters in my radio that i have set for real flight? or do you have to use reflex on a blank canvas? ie, no expo, no curves etc?

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I bought Reflex XTR version 5.04.2 new in a sale a couple of weeks ago. ... getting random noise from the transmitter. If I try to start a simulation, the model just stays on the spot, ... evidence indicate a faulty dongle or cable? The Reflex program itself seems to be okay, for it runs the demo flights ...

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I am looking for a Walkera 4#3B model to use with my Reflex XTR Version 5.02. Could you please tell me where to get it? I spent a lot of time searching with google but couldn't find it. Thank you very much for your support! Martin

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Reflex XTR simulator -- What's it like? Is it a good simulator for a beginner pilot, who's never flown before, to learn from? Are there different "generations" of this flight sim like Real Flight G2-G4.5? Would it work fine with a 2.4 Ghz Spektrum Heli Radio?

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... all the helicopter models do not fly in Reflex XTR. I have adjusted the model settings for the Corona and it flys just ... ok. Am I missing something? My real Corona flys much better than the one on Reflex. If I didn't change the settings for it, I wouldn't be able to keep it in the air long at all. The ...

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... give me advice on the reflex xtr simulator.I 'm going to buy it but not sure which connection to use. The main reason to buy xtr is ... be suitable or would i have to get the jr connection to use my 652 tx that i use for my fix wing models. The reason is that i would like to make use of my old hitec tx ...

ZOOM 400 / Shogun model for REFLEX XTR

Hi all, based on the primary work of Ericoptère, i've build a new model for REFLEX XTR , you'll find it at my home page The initial bug hanging the system when the heli crashed is now corrected. Goog fly and dont hesitate to give hour comments. cheers / A+ MAN BIORS France

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hi, I am thinking of buying the Reflex XTR sim. I would like to set it up to replicate a windy day so that the model bumps around in the gusts. Is it possible to do this with Reflex? I would benefit from some practice - last week I 'landed' my aircraft in the next ...

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