Intel Confidential

I bought a used motherboard on ebay. I was told it had a Pentium 4 HT 3.6GHZ 560J. The board seems dead but is there anyway to tell what kinda processor I have just with the numbers stamped on it? I need to know so I get the right board.

The chip is stamped:

Intel Confidential
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Does Intel Confidential mean an Engineering sample?

Hi guys, I just got a CPU but it says Intel Confidential on it. Does that mean it is an Engineering Sample? I tried searching some numbers off the processor ... will this work in a G31 motherboard? Or maybe 680i? Here are the markings on it: Intel Confidential Q9PM ES MALAY '06 EU80569XL088NL L735A426

Intel Confidential ES Pentium D?

... talking about Geforce 8600gts + Pentium 4 for Geforce 7900GT + Pentium D, my uncle gave me this CPU that reads INTEL CONFIDENTIAL QJYX ES MALAY i (H)(C)'05 HH80553PG0964M L534B169 my uncle says this is an engineering sample CPU and he says its a Pentium ...

Got an Intel Confidential Pentium D CPU, and need to find more info.

I just got my Intel Confidential CPU in the mail today. Id like to find some info on it and Im not sure where to look. The guy I bought it from said its an ES version of the PD 830 but I bought it without reading the ES part thinking it was a PD 820 what a suprise. So Id like to ...

intel confidential?

... i now whats up with this the cpu is a skt 775 and al it says on it is: -intel confidential -qzta es a4 -eu80569pj053nl -c722588w anybody knows what would that be.....coz i think it might be an engineering sample wich wont work properly and will ...

Anybody Here Deal With Intel Confidential Engineering Samples?

... if anyone here has directly dealt with Intel Confidential Engineering Samples before? I just had a few general questions about how they are acquired from Intel, how much they cost, etc. If anyone can legitimately help me out by answering a few questions (by e-mail, or PM), ...

"Intel Confidential" CPU purchased

I purchased a Q9650 semi-recently and noticed it had "Intel Confidential" written on it. It boots up as a Q9650 in bios without any change. Did I purchase an illegal CPU that should have never left the Intel facility? I read they were test chips but I don't know ...

Question about "Intel Confidential" chips...

... read somwhere that engineering samples are unlocked for multipliers under the default, in this case 20. So does that mean that 19, 18, 17 and so on are possible multipliers through the use of jumpers? (They are not possibilities in the bios). OR is an "Intel Confidential" just a pre-production OEM?

P4 2.0A Northwood - Intel Confidential CPU

Hey everyone, I have obtained an Intel Confidential P4 2.0A Northwood. Are these puppies unlocked. What do you all think? Here are the numbers off of the CPU. QIF0ES Malay L140A335-0659 80532PC041512 Let me know. I will not be able to run this puppy until ...

Intel Celeron Confidential? Unlocked?

i just bought this intel celeron 2.2ghz cpu on ebay hopeing that it will be unlocked. the seller says that the cpu has the words Intel Confidential on it. Could this mean it is a prototype or test processor? thanks

Q6600 help Engineer Sample?????

... it. is this an enginneeriing sample cause on google, i see the ones there saying intel confidential but mine says intel '05 Q6600 on the top HERES HOW MY CHIP LOOKS LIKE: --------------------- INTEL(M)(C) '05 Q6600 INTEL(R) CORETM2 QUAD SLACR MALAY 2.40GHZ/8M/1066/ ...

Q6400 es?

... of says SLACR or Sxxxx, it started with a Q, which I know is a characteristic of an ES chip. I then pulled over so I could take a closer look, and sure enough, it said "Intel Confidential" and "ES" right on the chip. So my question is, what can I expect from this? I already have a Q6600, and I only ...

Itanium 2 Intel Confidential

Ok, so today I was at the shop looking around, and there was this unusual heatsink that was staring me in the eyes... it had a copper wave-like style and was VERY heavy. So I said to myself, I don't care what's under it, I have to have it.... So here I am now- after 20 minutes of searching for a ...

E4400 Engineering Sample Overclocking

... , and the s775 clip for my Scythe Ninja and I should be good to go. Will keep you all posted! Oh, and while you are here, any ideas what kind of overclock I might expect on this here 'Intel Confidential' CPU? Tom PS There is nothing dangerous about posting ...

Got me a E6700 ES For $355

The guy that i bought it from doesn't know that it was ES. I asked for the stepping and he responded that theres no marking since all he sees is the "Intel Confidential" over it. Got me a great deal there considering i was going to get another E6600 at Frys for $300+tax=$321

Engineering edition???? Intel confidential???

I have a guy who will sell me an Engineering Edition of the 980x. Its $799 opposed to $999 new. But he would give me my money back if I didn't like it. Are engineering edition cpus better/worse? I can ask batch number if it helps.

What is an Intel Confidential CPU?

I have been looking online for a new CPU to upgrade my old Celeron PC (new MB, Ram, CPU, etc), and I have come across an Intel E8400 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo but in the description it says 'CONFIDENTIAL'. Does anyone know what this means?

[INQ] Intel broadsides Nvidia with Powerpoint assault

... hype around what it calls the 'Ion Platform'." Sounds like Intel is feeling a little HYPErsensitive. Chipzilla ... Ion, just ain't all that (according to "Preliminary press reviews") and how Intel is offering "full Hi-Def video ... Intel internal foil marked Intel confidential. Make sure you don't post ...

[Xbit] Intel's Next-Generation Eight-Core Sandy Bridge E Processor Hits Ebay.

Quote: Intel Corp. has begun to send samples of its next-generation enthusiast-class ... for testing. At least several engineering samples of eight-core Intel Core i "Sandy Bridge E" ... Ebay web-site. The chip marked as "Intel Confidential" has eight cores with Hyper-Threading ...

How much does Intel Confidential QLUJ Processor Worth?

Type CPU / Microprocessor Family Intel Xeon Processor number 5150 Part number HH80556KJ0674M Frequency (GHz) 2.667 Bus speed (MHz) 1333 Package type 771-land FC-LGA6/mLGA Socket type Socket 771 (LGA771) Architecture / Microarchitecture / Other Core stepping B0 Processor core Woodcrest ...

HELP: PC not booting & keeps turning on & off

... helps here. I got a prototype Intel Core 2 Extreme from my brother(he works for intel). I installed the chip into my PC (WIN7 Ultimate (real one ), C2Quad Q9450, ... one! I really appreciate it. Note: My C2X chip doesn't have the common label. All it says: INTEL CONFIDENTIAL QJEE ES MALAY L816A829

how to recog. ES cpu?

... i recognize an ES processor with certainty? If it has no "Intel Confidential" label, is it a standard processor ... packages on the net, and the differences from genuine ones, but it could be corrected until now, so is the non-"Intel confidential" label sure enough indicator that it is standard cpu? ...

Did I get a pre-release chip?

I got my "OEM E6420" today and it says: INTEL CONFIDENTIAL QZAL ES MALAY I(m)(c)'05 [numbers] [more numbers] What does this mean? I was planning on OC'ing it. All I know is that the multiplier is unlocked. Besides that benefit, does it OC any worse?

CPU Benchmark HELP

... off eBay was in a white sealed intel box. Instead of having 2.4/512K/800fsb ... on the CPU iteself like my 2.4, it read INTEL CONFIDENTIAL. I put it in and I had to change my multiplier to 17 from 12 to achieve ... at best...2100. I checked and saw that 2.8 Ghz intels were doubling my score. My question ...

Anyone have Slot2 Xeons?

I was looking at a pair of P3 Xeons and an RDRAM mobo for them, but couldnt manage to get the hold-downs off, and therefore couldn't see how fast they were. I could, however, see that they said Intel Confidential on the top - do all of them, or were these ES or something?