Help! Alienware Area 51 m17x - R1 Backlit Keyboard Failure

First off, I know this is a popular topic, and trust me I have done the research, but I can not find the solution to this problem.

I bought this laptop on Ebay for $2000+ . It was promised with all this software and "everything worked flawlessly"

When the laptop arrived it only came with the computer and the plug - in, no book, no note, no disc, no log in, nothing. I turn on the computer and it looks nice, but after I play with it for a while I find all the faults. All the software was bootleg, even windows, the disc tray didnt work, the keyboard didnt light up... etc.

I research for a while and start tackling problems one at a time. I ended up reformatting Windows with a legit Windows 7 which fixes many of the problems. Now virtually everything works (besides the fact it is underperforming) except this lit keyboard. All other lights come on and can change. However this keyboard does not light.

Something strange though is that when the keyboard is suppose to light up red or pink I can see the light under the keys. It is lighting up very softly, so soft it wont even light up the keys. But at an angle you can clearly see that there are lights softly lighting up. That is in pink and red, blue I could not see anything, but possibly that is just a harder color to see.

I am an 18 year old high school student so I do not know that much about computers and fixing them. I had no access to the MyHive situation and Alienware was not very sympathetic so I had to download all drivers off the internet. I think I got all of them, because I found this link:

Some background information, up until today I had a problem updating the alienfx firmware. I used findvikas method of installing the command center patch 2 and it updated the firmware sucessfully, now is the first time since reformat where I could change the colors of the other lights. However I also updated from there to the newest command center (off the site above) and it worked sucessfully. Except these darn keyboard lights wont come on, they just stay dim and useless.

I dont know if it is a hardware issue or a software issue, or a lack of driver issue. It is inconvenient to have to find the drivers yourself (especially if they are alienware)

Also, the fusion part of command center doesnt work, and also I have a webcam, which works using webcammaxx, but I have no facial recognizing feature. Am I supposed to? I don't have any software for that...

Here is some info on my comp-
Windows 7 x64
1gb raid-0 config.
2x nvida geforce 9800g something..
intel duo x9000 extreme 2.8gb
8gb memory

Please help, I have noticed some experts on here that could possibly find the answer (you findvikas ) This may be an overload of info but I just wanted to portray as much as I can. Very frustrating to waste money...

Feel free to email me if necessary.
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